Dark Night - Breeder Bitch Blessing

  • Discovering a mysterious pumpkin and its very phallic stem, the listener finds themselves mesmerized.
  • Slipping it inside of your pussy, you feel the pumpkin begin to take over, fucking, claiming, using.
  • After a powerful climax and some spurting, Fera stands over you: goddess of the primal hunt.
  • Your lust and fertility is rewarded with more of the same.
  • For listeners with wet dripping pussies in need of fucking.

- File Length: 24 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


There is nothing at the end to wake you up.

A small experiment.

After The Party from Moonlit Hypnosis

The party is done and you are walking home in your long coat. Pulling it close around yourself you notice a sweet seductive scent in the autumn air. Is this really your jacket? Why are you being drawn to the local park? Why does arousal thrill through your mindless shivering body?

Maybe someone is waiting. Your ears twitch, fur stands on end, and you await the glowing eyes you somehow know will take all your thoughts away as she rides and writhes atop your climaxing form... but that comes later. Right now, breathe deep, hold the collar of the coat to your face, and wander drooling toward a well concealed park bench without looking back.

This is part of the Moonlit Hypnosis project's November "Heat" Drop. Depending on pledge level, backers on Moonlit Hypnosis could potentially receive this file as part of their random drop during the month of November. A drop of 6+ New releases on every full moon at Moonlit Hypnosis, some free, some randomly distributed to backers based on pledge level.

This one is free, so try it out.

- Penis Version
- Pussy Version

Dominance and Submission Training

A couples pack - one file (Wrapped Up) for a dominant, one file (Guidance) for a submissive. Could also be enjoyable for switches.

Practice sessions, Seven Minutes to Dominate and Seven Minutes to Submit, for each of you.

If you're on your own, you can always try the relevant starter file with its relevant practice file right after. Training to be more secure in your personal sense of dominance, and to be more trusting of your need to submit.

The files are the exact same length, so start them together and finish in the grips of desire.

Have fun together. Hold hands. Sink. Rise. Play.


File Length: 13:12 main, 7:30 practice, each. Total of 40 mins content.

Playlist order:

  1. The same induction for each of you
  2. This file - either the submissive or dominant side, depending
  3. Optional: the relevant Seven Minutes file


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