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Challenge 2 - Hold On Stud

A further playful challenge, a sequel to Challenge: Hold Back this file is for listeners with penises who have enjoyed my various "stud" files.

You are playfully invited to participate in a hypnotic resistance game where you try to avoid masturbating while being presented with alluring imagery for your cock's pleasure and your stud conditioning. Heightening desire, and guiding masturbation throughout, you are given the tools to have a truly massive orgasm... but the game is to hold back.

I will use any trick I can think of to try and help you cum, help you feel good, give in, even though the images of fucking wet needy pussies and feeling begging pleading desire for your hot cum might be enough on its own, I'll also employ some fractionated count inductions, finger snaps, and explicit commands to climax.

You can get a 20 minute sample which might be enough to help you cum all on its own, at the link below.

Full Recording Length: 40 Minutes

Cockcentric Induction

An induction for listeners who enjoy 'stud' content. Your penis becomes the core focus of relaxation and deepness. You think of the uses, the pleasurable joy of your cock, the instructive new ways you will learn to think of it while exploring stud content and masturbatory material. Short, sweet, and likely to cause considerable arousal. As this is an induction, place it at the beginning of any playlist with a cock-centric composition and body.

- File Length: 7 Minutes

Succubus Course - For Cock

Deciding to relax one day, you order the full package from Karen's Succubus Menu at the Tel'Adre spa.

The menu simply stated that Karen, in her Succubus form, would provide to any penis-having patron a hand job, boob job, blowjob, and finally "penetration of my organ, resulting in climactic release". The process is completely safe. Karen is not a real succubus, but is such a master of transformation that this is functionally irrelevant. She can even do things a normal succubus cannot.

This file comes after the Tel'Adre Induction and involves the listener, bound and worked over to climax. For those with cocks only. Make sure you've listened to the Spa Intro at least once in the past, so you know what's up and have a good mental picture of the locale. Check out the sample, which is very detailed.

- 43 Minutes

Note: Karen is an original creation and was not in the game, don't go looking. In fact the whole Spa in Tel'Adre is my writing.

Bonds Under The Moon

The listener is taken in by a massive werewolf woman and her lactating breasts, as she weaves a siren song about them under the moon. What seems somewhat sinister at first is actually pleasant, companionable, relaxing, restorative. Allow her sexual wiles to control and encourage your own, even as comfort and gentle friction against her body makes you ever more vulnerable to climax.

This audio was created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis Project, a furry storytelling and fantasy project.

- File Length: 30:55 - 29MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Dark Night - Virile Alpha Blessing

  • Discovering a mysterious pumpkin and its strange vaginal entrance, the listener finds themselves mesmerized.
  • Similar to other corrupted flowers in the forest, the pumpkin is designed to milk one's cock and retrieve their semen.
  • Slipping your cock inside, you proceed to fuck and thrust
  • After a powerful climax and some spurting, Fera stands over you: goddess of the primal hunt.
  • Your lust and virile confidence is rewarded with more of the same.
  • For listeners with hard cocks that yearn to fuck, thrust, grow, and enhance your confidence and pleasure.

- File Length: 29 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Experimental Methods

This file is made for those with penises. In this file, the listener finds themselves in the demonic factory on a day when new experimental ways of milking fluids out of subjects are being tested. The secretary - a succubus, who has perhaps been drinking bimbo potions too much lately - greets, imprisons, and then milks the listener by using her long prehensile tongue to penetrate their rear and press upon their prostate.This process greatly arouses the succubus herself, who of course is as susceptible to temptation and arousal as anyone else, and her frantic masturbation only serves to fuel the helpless subject with lust as a machine is affixed to their cock to milk out their cum - the licking continues, long past the point of climax and into mind numbing sensitivity. Light humiliation elements included.

- File Length: 40 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Story and Journey Induction.

  3. This file

Related Corruption of Champions Files

Prostate Massage Instructions

Written across 25 minutes as part of a writing experiment, this file is for somewhat experienced anal pleasure fans. Gives detailed instructions and incorporates dominant deepeners to a session of anal masturbation focused on the prostate. For those with penises. Loopable, so try it on repeat while you get off.

Click here for full details.

File Duration: 8:15 - 8MB

Dark Night - Fill Her

  • Fera was Mareth's goddess of the predatory hunt. Beautiful and possessive, she is tied in to the land's fertility as surely as any of its other deities. She was sealed away for siding with the demonic influence that fills the land, seeing them as superior sexually liberated hunters, and being fairly corrupted herself.
  • On rare nights, she can push some part of herself through a gateway between dimensions -and a sufficiently productive cock is capable of letting her come the rest of the way through. Her protrusions into this dimension are powerful, sexually pleasing, and possessed of aphrodisiac qualities transmitted by mere proximity.
  • This night, she is visiting your camp - well, if you can handle it. Beware, she may leave marks behind.
  • For all lovers of pumpkin spice.
  • For listeners with penises.

  • - File Length: 45 Minutes

    Playlist order:

    1. Any Induction (?)
    2. This file

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