Frequently Asked Questions

These answers might be helpful to newcomers to the site. If your question is not answered here or you have a question you think should be included, let me know by email at

How do I get started?

Start with the Beginner Series files.

Look through the list of free files - find one you like. Make a playlist according to the Playlist order listed at the bottom of its description. The Night Night trigger is my most commonly referenced piece, so check it out.

Files on this site are modular - you make a playlist with an induction, a body file. Optionally you can put a deepener between the induction and body file, or end the list with an awakener if you need to be up and alert quick when it is done.

The Beginner's Hypnosis Primer is an example.

What is an induction?

First part of a playlist. Some files have them built in, but mostly this is just an opportunity to relax and transition from the busy obligations of the day outside, into a chill place to meditate and listen.

If listening right before bed, try the Dreaming Induction.
The Inevitable Induction is a good explanation themed induction for new listeners.
Combination Induction is a metaphor-based induction, descriptive and soothing.
Beginner Induction is specifically meant to serve as an intro to relaxing meditation.
All the inductions are in this list.

What is a deepener?

Optional addition. Second verse, same as the first - more relaxation time, can be put between the induction and the body. Often includes simple perception-based descriptions or appealing circular logic that helps people clear a cluttered mind before listening to the sexy or engaging bits of their playlist.
Deepener and Amnesiagasm is an erotic take on a deepening theme.
If you're listening and playing with a partner using some of the "trigger" files, maybe try the Trigger Permission Deepener.
The Deepening Loop can be added to the playlist more than once, simply loop several of the same between the induction and body file.
All the deepeners are in this list.

What is a body file?

Basically the core part of the conversation, contains direct instructions, descriptions, new ideas. Usually the longest part, though some are shorter. Goes after induction and optionally deepener, comes before awakener. Most files are body files.

What is an awakener?

Some people like an open ended body file, others like a concrete instruction to become alert again and go about their business. Awakeners are these instructions. Many fit the story or fantasy from a given body file.
Permissive Awakener is for when you're not sure if you'll want to get up when you're done.
Equilibrium Awakener is the most straightforward example of the awakener format.
All the awakeners are in this list.

How do you fund the site?

All of my creative work is paid for through Patreon. As long as I'm making more of a wage doing this site than I would at a different job, I'll happily keep making audio and story content.

People support the Patreon campaign, and I produce quite a few files in a month and publish them. The longer income from this remains consistent, the more work I can expand into - stories, games, podcasts, improving the site interface, responding to people's requests for new stories or scenarios, and so on.

Patreon pays me the proceeds of backer pledges on the 7th-10th of the month, so if you pledge in January, your pledge rewards for whatever tier you choose won't be sent out until that time (to prevent people from pledging, getting rewards, then running).

This means a bit of a wait, but that's why all the free files exist.

Why not just make all files free?

Well the policy of "everything free eventually" means my main draw to the Patreon is getting stuff early. And the difference is quite huge, so that's basically it.

How can I stay up to date on new content?

I post about every new file on the Patreon activity feed. If you're a backer, you'll get a message when new work comes out.

I also post on Tumblr and on Twitter.

Why so many free files?

Over 50 percent of files on the site (historically closer to 60 percent) are free, you can just download and check them out. Detailed erotica, relaxing pieces, stories, meditative talk, free files aren't different from backer or reward files except that you can just grab them any time.

My intention is for people to support the Patreon if they like the free files, as well as to get access to the reward and backer only files.

What are Reward files?

Some files are held back as possible rewards for backers. For every $10 of a backer's pledge at certain pledge tiers (some have bonus files), they may choose one file from the reward file list.

What are Backer Only files?

Anyone who backs at $15 or above gets access to the Backer Only files - there are over 60 of these, and at least 2 new ones are released each month, so backers have a constant stream of exclusive content which grows each month. New backers at 15+ get all backer files to date in addition to any other rewards. A list of these files can be found here.

Will you record my script?

You'll have to run it by me - email me at - but if you pledge at one of the Custom File tiers on the Patreon, sure, you can request this. I'm also open to editing or improving scripts you've written out, if you want.

How do I find files?

Search bar, the lists on the right hand side, or click tags at the bottom of entries to find similar ones.

Why are there no echoes, vocal effects, or background music?

My reasoning is that people will add their own if they want. Adding these things in Audacity takes a short time for those who want it, but everyone has different preferences and pet peeves and so the best mix of music, effects, and echoes will depend on the person. Each who wants them can add their own, and those who don't will continue to just get my voice as it is.

Why are there no pictures on the site?

Same reason as above. Spending time on that means not spending time on creative projects. Consider this a no frills space, but you're free to submit or add your own frills.

What is Corruption of Champions?

A text-based browser game created by Fenoxo. Basically a fantasy world with transformation and mind control themes. I have Fenoxo's permission to make work based on said world and its characters - as well as characters of my own in similar settings.

It has its own catalog with entries organized by area and creature types. Sentient and alluring creatures from beyond who ensnare and tempt the unwary adventurer, detailed stories told in a soothing and engaging way with vivid description.