Recommended People

This page will contain my recommendations on file series or combinations, as well as links to other erohyp stuff I find interesting on the net. It is still being populated.

Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space

With Fenoxo's permission I have been producing games based on the collaborative universe he has built with many other writers. Monster girls, aliens, traps and tricks and transformations. My audio is unique and doesn't follow the same routes as the game, but the inspiration is the same! Check it out. It is good dirty fetishy smut.

Moonlit Hypnosis

My other site, a combo project with Aurelia Alder. All furry hypnosis, gonna be handled like a subscription box with a different assortment of themed erohyp files and stories each and every month, half of them free, the rest randomly handed out based on pledge level (or pledge for all of them). Getting it set up over the next few days but I posted some stuff!


Big fan of Chewtoy's work, generally he writes some nice smut and a few well thought out fun files for couples and dominants along with his collaborations with femdom artists. He's really worth checking out, and he maintains a great list of everyone working in erohyp, so check that too! Thanks, Chewtoy. You're just one of the nicest online presences around, thanks for being so nice to my friends, and generally a welcoming person.

Ms. Aurelia Alder

Friend of mine who does more traditional upstanding erohyp, not as much experimental stuff but an incredible and focused curriculum of classic BDSM. She's also cute.