Erotic stories, some free, some previews with pdfs of the full story for sale. All exquisite.

Latex Pool

Goes with any meditation intro, like the Self Knowledge Invitation. Learn to forgive yourself, first. Its science.

This is just me thinking out loud about one of the chambers in an upcoming game I want to work on where the listener is in charge of a facility for training sexual servants/courtesans. Magic, technology, biological modification etc. anyway I've bandied the idea about a bit. This is a drugged latex mind control pool facility where the listneer is instructed to walk across. It also works with my other recent latex stuff. Includes hands free orgasm suggestions, and bonus content for those wearing latex gear while listening.

- 20 Minutes

Along Came A Spider - A Horny Human Turns The Tables on a Dominant Spider Girl

A beautiful redhead wakes up in an unfamiliar house, a small bite on her inner thigh oozing aphrodisiac venom into her system. Unable to resist masturbating, she makes her way toward the exit with one hand in her panties working her to small climaxes. Hunted by an equally aroused monster girl, she finds herself pounced by a spider lady just as she clears her head enough to escape.

Then, the spider realizes humans have powers of their own, and their bodies might have peculiar effects on an unwary monster girl.

Watch as the tables are turned in a powerful journey of lesbian domination, bondage, and romance. Monsters would do well not to underestimate the allure of a horny human's pheromones, or the way submission can draw even the most powerful creature into its grasp once they are turned on enough.

Facesitting, pussy worship, and a human turning the tables on her would-be ravisher. But is this innocent human really as out of the loop as she seems?

Enjoy this thrilling first book in the "Along Came A Spider" series of spider lady and monster girl erotica
You can claim this story in exchange for 1 reward file credit, so if you don't know what to choose you may wish to choose this. It is also available on both Amazon and Smashwords.

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Arctic Heat - Climate Denier Taken by the Polar Bear King

In denial about both climate change and his lust for thick hard cock, Jared Johnstone ends up on an expedition which will eventually lay both bare before him. Global warming has awakened an ancient sleeping giant, and the odyssey of chemicals, cock, and control that is about to follow will open minds, mouths, legs, and squeezing holes galore. But as he fucks his way across the arctic with his producer and bedmate, Jared notices changes. From dominant to submissive, from questioning to lustily cock-hungry. From man... to something more useful.

You can claim this story in exchange for 1 reward file credit, so if you don't know what to choose you may wish to choose this. It is also available on both Amazon and Smashwords. The cover speaks for itself.

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Moonlit Origin Story

Moonlit Hypnosis is a new project I'm working on. It will be all furry, all story, all erotic hypnotic mind control content. My avatar in that work is an anthropomorphic dragon with succubus heritage, and my friend Aurelia Alder has a fox anthro as her fursona. Both will be telling sexy stories in character. There are inductions and halloween files at the Patreon campaign. Any questions, contact one of us.

Discovering an ancient temple just off the highway, a dragon adventurer brings her foxy magic instructor friend to take a look. A repository of stories, sexy images, fantasies. You really shouldn't just drink strange things you find in ancient ruins. A teaser for future, sexier, installments and a brief introduction to our characters.



What Sings The Steel To Sleep (Multiple Chapter Story In Progress)

A young woman with lustful fantasies works at a firm which programs sex androids. She uses her desires and kinks, as well as healthy research, to set up scenarios and lustful trains of thought - which then benefit the clients custom ordering these luxury "personal assistants". The best in her field, an erotic author in her own right, but with her own kinks unsatisfied. Until now...

Cum Witch Conditioning (Short Story with Audio Book)

The cock-bearing witch at the coven of the sands is magically potent and relentlessly sexual. Placing oneself under her tutelage can have some interesting implications. Download includes both the story pdf and a variant audiobook made to be used right after your favorite induction.
14 page story.
37 minute audio at 34 MB.

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