This is the eSuccubus podcast. Summary of recent events on the site, clearing house for questions, place I preview new projects.

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Podcast 10 - On Satisfaction

A podcast about personal satisfaction, recent developments, containing some brief cage based induction trance at the end and the answers to questions. I talk about when I'll publish Izma content, my forthcoming schedule, and what I'm working on in the way of stories.

Podcast 9 - Happy Halloween

A Halloween podcast. Talking about upcoming projects, what scares me, and what is on the other side of windows.

Podcast 8 - Summer's End

A general recap, with questions and comments about upcoming work. Checking in, talking about site plans and my experiences so far. Some minor trance language, but mostly just a laid back checkin. Farewell, summer.

Podcast 7 - Tests of Trance

July 15th, 2016. I discuss tests of trance used in stage shows as well as private sessions, and give a brief rundown on examples of them. Talk about upcoming projects, posting schedule, answer reader questions. Set out goals and muse over status of the site. Brief trance portion in this.

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