Marie - Milk By Moonlight

  • The cat sneaks onto Lakeside Farm.
  • A very long relaxing session with sexy voyeurism and a pinned orgasmic encounter at the hands of a cowgirl from the farm.
  • Mischievous, sensitive, lithe, horny, deciding to hide out in one of the storage structures.
  • Turns out this is where the beautiful women who live on the farm take their baths.
  • The least senior of those women discovers the listener "peeping" on the bath.
  • Her breasts and frame are small, but her strength is no joke
  • When she notices the cat is paying more attention to the huge breasted women still in the bath, punishment is sure to follow.
  • Lingering effects? Bit of arousal, a sense of peaceful sweet exhaustion maybe.

- File Length: 43:32 - 45MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

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