About Me

I write files, stories, games, I've always been someone who writes. I speak reasonably well and can ad-lib on the fly.
I've been doing these erohyp themed long meditative talks with friends for a long time.

Like video games, dogs, fantasy books - I'm trying to write some, after all - and I like warm weather much more than cold.

Enjoy long baths. Insomniac. Workaholic.

Eventually, I made enough work I needed someplace to store it all, and my sound quality and wording improved. Here I am. A Patreon campaign lets me pursue writing full time.

About the site

Over half the content will always be free, so browse to your heart's content.

Some files are held back to go to people who back the site, but they also get regularly released into freedom.

Themes include erotic fantasy, deep meditation, couples files, training, some stories.

Working on podcasts, text games, and stories.

Over 300 files and counting. Over 200 of them are free, as of this writing. And rising...

If you have any suggestions for site improvement, or just want to talk, email me at mail at eSuccubus dot com or follow me at esuccubus.tumblr.com

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