Tap Tap Tap Series

Tap Tap Tap 2 - Creativity Control

When you feel creatively blocked, the source is often anxiety or distraction. Fixation and relaxation are possible outcomes of trance.

Learning to channel them into a specific physical trigger would be greatly beneficial to you, and so this piece of training exists. Tap a certain locaztion when anxiety blocks you, drift, let ideas occur naturally to you.

- File Length: 10 Minutes

Tap Tap Tap

A simple and calming trigger implantation piece. The trigger of gently tapping two fingers behind one's ear becomes a reminder of the reassuring explanation about intrusive thoughts, social stress, and informative vs. uninformative pain. This file was created for someone who suffered chronic niggling pain that was often not indicative of any actual need or injury, just of recurring old pain. The file makes the distinction between useful informative pain and the uninformative kind, and reminds the listener they can always carry their memories of this file, and my reassuring voice, around with them. Hope you like it. Free, so everyone can enjoy.

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  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

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