Sound of Sleep Induction and Awakener

  • Siren's Voice
  • Associate my voice with sleep and relaxation.
  • Words pass into your mind even if you are zoning out.
  • This is a set of two files, both induction and awakener.
  • Even if you fail to remember file contents, the words still exist in your mind.

Induction - - File Length: 9:13 - 8.40MB
Awakener - - File Length: 5:08 - 4.68MB

Playlist order:

  1. The induction
  2. Any body file
  3. The awakener

Beginner's Hypnosis Primer

  • Simple, non-erotic file, a good example of a complete file.
  • Includes induction, body, and awakener.
  • While you will normally make your own playlists, this file shows what the complete setup would sound like.
  • Generally theme of relaxing better when listening.

- File Length: 37:04 - 33.8MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file on its own

Equilibrium Awakener

  • This is a simple transition from depth to waking.
  • For when you need to wake up after a file and cannot simply drift.
  • Incorporates reinforcement language addressed at the contents of the preceding file.
  • Good way to end a looping file set.
  • Long for an awakener, so you will have lots of time to get moving again.

- File Length: 7:21 - 6.7MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any body file
  2. This file

Newbie Pack

  • A simple collection of both erotic and non-erotic files for new listeners.
  • Includes a welcome to the site with some basic information.
  • These files are available free elsewhere on the site, and simply collected here for people.
  • Contains The Simplest Induction, Combination Induction, Open Mind, Massage, and Hot Wiring

- File Length: 43 minutes of total content

Playlist order:

  1. Explained in the readme file in this zip pack.


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