How To Get Started and Where To Go

We'll start with the simplest and most common questions:

  1. "I can't be hypnotized!" you say? Click here.
  2. "I can be hypnotized but the effects aren't pronounced enough for my liking." Click here.
  3. Questions about what path to follow starting out, read on.
  4. Still have questions at the end? Come back here and click here at that time.

There are many files on this site under the "Beginner" tag. Many of these illustrate concepts about trance, meditation, my take on things, connections and rapport between people. Start there.

Specifically, if you would like to ascend through my creative work:

Step 1: General Listening

Start with The Spa. It has an erotic bit, potentially, but is mostly relaxing.

Proceed to the Relaxation Tutorial which contains instructions and multiple files to teach you how to form a playlist. Its themes are similar: visualization and relaxation.

From there, go find a file in the beginner series. The Beginner's Hypnosis Primer is a possible place, but go to what speaks to you.

Step 2: Get To Know Me

My podcasts, my stories, my live session chronicles as delivered in real time to people who listened and sank deep. Connection comes from familiarity and trust. My past behaviour predicts my future conduct. If it is enjoyable, so too will be our ongoing link.



Live Session Chronicles

Go explore the free files. Over half of the work is always free, so you have a lot to explore.

Step 3: Check Out Youtube and Social Media

You can find the youtube, including exclusive files and easy listening stuff like audiologs, at eSuccubus Tube

I have twitter /

I have a Tumblr at

Step 4: Musings and Alerts

This site is funded entirely through a Patreon campaign. This is crowd funding - each month people pledge to support the creation of further work. You can support me at any level you wish, earning various rewards and access to exclusive content.

My musings and alerts are available to anyone at the 5 dollar level or above. Maybe try it and see if you'd like to explore other content.

Step 5: Try a reward file

Once you have had your fun with the free files and gotten to know me, look at my Reward files. Find one you like the look of. Raise your pledge to 10 bucks or more, you can claim that reward file.

Step 6: Try the backer files

See this link?

Those are the backer only files. If you're pledged at 15 or above, you get ALL of them in a folder, so if you put your pledge there for even one month, you can grab it all then cancel your pledge and keep it. There is a lot in there to further your mental exploration.

Step 7: Watch me work.

I have other projects too. Moonlit Hypnosis alongside my friend Aurelia Alder for example.

Note that there is a Discord server allowing you to chat with other listeners in real time at -