Elder Venus Pitcher - Catch and Release

  • In the wild jungles of a barely explored world, a woman hypnotizing the unwary with her bouncing breasts and swaying hips.
  • With control over vines and an underground pitcher plant to pull victims into, she milks them of their semen or impregnates them, depending.
  • The listener is hypnotized, conditioned, their prostate milked and mouth fucked with vines.
  • Eventually, she employs a hypnotic "catch and release" strategy.
  • Might encourage repeat listening.
  • Long, passionate, dominant, detailed.

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  1. The Mhen'ga Introduction
  2. This file

Mhen'ga Introduction

A jungle world laden with alluring creatures and possible companions. This is the introduction prefacing all encounters on this world in the sci fi setting of Trials in Tainted Space.

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- File Length: 4:11 - 4MB

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  1. This file
  2. Any body file set on Mhen'ga
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