Fetish Cultist - Princess In The Tower

  • Almost sleep walking, you enter a tower that is eerily familiar.
  • Arousal and a phantom voice luring you on in your head.
  • How much do you know? How much have you forgotten?
  • As you draw closer, memories return - of how to restore her power.
  • Each guard succumbs, surrenders to her power.
  • Returning the makeup and enchanted stockings which hold her power leads to her escape...
  • ...but not until after she has rewarded you.
  • Stocking dress up, masturbation, the feeling of being pretty and safe.
  • For the parts where she is speaking dominantly, I just closed my eyes and ad libbed.
  • So it should be similar to the Live Session Chronicles in those bits.
  • If you have your own cute silver or white stockings ready, keep them nearby...
  • and add the looping instructions below - they'll tell you to get dressed up and get off.

- File Length: 56:21 - 51MB

If you want to get dressed in your own stockings and get off afterward, here is a loopable mantra which follows on from the end of the file, so put it on a playlist after the above file, even put multiple copies if it will take you a while to get off ;) You could use it with files other than this one, or even just as a reminder of "Her" when getting off in stockings in future.

- File Length: 10 minutes - 9MB - Stocking Masturbation Instructions

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?) but consider the Lake induction.
  2. The Princess in The Tower file
  3. (Optional)The Stocking file, as many times as you need ;)

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