Welcome to the Lake. A nearby farm, the forest surrounding, many different biomes, many seductive creatures.


This is the Lake induction. You don't need to use it, it is a simple tour of the area referencing some of the resident encounters. You can just use any induction, but try this one at least once.

- 7 minutes - 7MB



The Lake is one of the most resilient locations in Mareth, and no one really knows why. Despite constant exposure to corrupted energy, its inhabitants are mildly sensual and lusty at worst.
The most effected are those who dwell deep in the lake - but uncorrupted pools exist here, so many purer creatures congregate. Home to goo-creatures, shark-girls in bikinis, otter-girls, amorphous feminine shapechangers, an ancient giant brimming with arousal, and a cult of fetishists wielding strange magic.