Amazon Island

  • The massive powerful women who inhabit one of the islands in the Lake harbor a transformative secret.
  • Only capable of reproducing with the help of someone from off the island, but incapable of leaving it for long.
  • Though appearing fully human most times, their true forms as statuesque monsters are revealed when they are aroused.
  • Many inhabitants of the island possess altered genitalia, owing to the nature of Mareth's flora and fauna.
  • Though completely safe, exposure to them can be habit forming and lustfully exhausting.

Amazon Assistance

  • Discovering an island in the lake reveals an afflicted feminine warrior and her partner.
  • For listeners with a penis.
  • The women are concealing the nature of their dual genitalia: massive cocks and wanton pussies both.
  • Their true intention: to reproduce, with the listener's assistance.
  • Anal penetration of listener, pleasurable double-teaming, muscular monster women.

- File Length: 40:08 - 36.5MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?), but consider trying the Lake Induction at least once.
  2. This file