Marble's Milk Pet

Arousing canine mindset and suckling at Marble's huge milky chest.

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File Length: 30:30 - 27.9MB

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Milking Machine

  • The milking machine on the farm is of Goblin manufacture, which means sexy.
  • While it removes milk from the Lacta Bovines who live here, it also elicits sexual pleasure in the process.
  • Sometimes this is done with attachments, sometimes just by extracting.
  • For listeners with breasts.
  • Works great with the various lactation themed files on this site.

- File Length: 12:01 - 10.9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?) but consider the Whitney's Farm Induction.
  2. This file

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Helping Marble

  • Marble has spent too long hooked up to the rough and impersonal milking machine.
  • The voluptuous woman asks for your assistance with a more... personal touch.
  • Her massive nipples are incredibly sensitive and gush sweet, restorative, habit forming milk.
  • Drinking from Marble provokes her instincts and causes her to encourage the listener.
  • This could be the beginning of a beautiful symbiotic relationship...

- File Length: 12:48 - 11.7MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Whitney's Farm Induction.

  3. This file

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Farm Deepener

  • An introduction to Lakeside Farm.
  • The curvaceous women who work on the farm also provide its healing and transformative dairy products.
  • The canine-morph who runs the place, Whitney, is savvy and intelligent.
  • A centaur herd protects the strong walls with bow and arrow.
  • Transformative foods are common, and arousing situations abound.
  • The farm has high-tech equipment for satisfying the lusts of its inhabitants.
  • But most of them prefer a warm body to help them out.

- File Length: 4:11 - 3.82MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any file from Lakeside Farm.

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Cowgirl Wrangling - Upper Hand

Whitney is away from the farm and you're left minding it. Every now and then the cowgirls on the farm are subjected to the minotaur pheremones wafting down from the mountain. This induces a state of rampant heat in which they will desperately try to get to the mountain by any means necessary. With the help of one of the farm hands, a bag of potions, and some large sex toys, you attempt to restrain the huge-breasted, very horny girls on their route to escape. What lengths will you have to go to to stop them and satiate their lusts, while remaining professional throughout? And what will you do next time this happens?

This is the first of a series of files in which various events happen surrounding the cowgirls in heat. In this version you successfully subdue them. Next time, the "unlucky" listener might have less success. Great for voyeurs and those who like lactation, large breasts, mind control, and heated partners. An hour long, plus the farm deepener, for those who like long trances.

  1. The Lakeside Farm Induction
  2. This File.

Marie's story continues in the Cat On The Farm series. She's doing fine.

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