Marble's Milk Pet

  • Visiting Marble to help her with her sore milk-filled breasts.
  • The listener consumes her milk, growing dazed and obedient.
  • Upon returning home, it turns out Whitney has left a basket of peppers for you.
  • The basket includes a jar of milk which, of course, is consumed immediately.
  • One pepper too many sends you running with a canine mind.
  • Seeking Marble because you have agreed to meet her, she notices your altered mind.
  • Her milk restores you, and you thank her with suckling mind numbing pleasure.
  • Controlling mental transformation and bonding with a sexy cowgirl.

- File Length: 30:30 - 27.9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Whitney's Farm Induction.

  3. This file

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