Latex Succubus Series

Latex Bath Induction

This is the first induction made for the Dual Latex Succubus. It is a soothing piece about immersion in and control by dark latex, progressive relaxation elements. Can be used with other files, but it was made for the Latex Succubus Series.

I am posting this back up because, while this file was taken down with the other older files it is also useful to people listening to Dual Latex Succubus. This file does not count toward this month's totals, it is simply being posted at a listener's request.

This File -> Any Body File including Latex Succubus files -> Any Awakener

Dual Latex Succubus

An assortment of files comprising the first Latex Succubus, both dark and light.

A latex bath followed by a systemic education in rubber fetishism and its wholistically beneficial effects on the listener. Sexy bits throughout, and of course the ever-present nagging, aching fetish. Two sisters, light and dark, there to balance each other out and help get you on the right foot. Gender neutral, safe, and conscientious. Give it a try, I'm proud of my work here, and it all connects together well.

This is a complete Succubus set. It has its own unique Latex Bath induction which you can download here as it is not included in the pack. Included in the pack is a Lightside Latex Succubus file (33 minutes) for supportive/self help themed meditations from a feminine, seductive entity with your best interests at heart, a Darkside Latex Succubus file (30 minutes) for a hungrier, hornier version, a Latex Succubus Refresher file (20 minutes), and a unique Latex Bath Awakener (10 minutes). 113 total minutes of latex fetishist hypnosis.

You can mix and match these files, they all fit together and are loopable together.

The Darkside Latex Succubus includes orgasm control and encouragement to masturbate as a way of solidifying the included elements, all the files incorporate encouragement to shamelessly enjoy latex fetishism, feel more attentive and enthusiastic after listening, and overall an encouragement to regard the tormenting dark and light entities as two halves of a support system for a better, hornier latex-fetished you. Dirty talk and sexiness reign throughout, as well as both pleasure and relaxation. You can download the Induction for free below, if you want a sample of the themes. You can also grab the Awakener and Refresher, but none of these work so well without the 2 actual Succubus files. If you appreciate them, you might consider it worth the price to uncage this Succubus. Or wait for the next one..

The Latex Bath Induction or Latex Bath Advanced -> Any Body File from this pack -> Any Awakener

Latex Loop Mantra

A simple looping mantra reminding the listener of their latex succubus training and that it has entered them and is always with them. A simple short loop, it encourages a surrender to the inevitability of training and conditioning.

Play the mantra as you do other things, as a reminder, as you fall asleep, whenever - enjoy.

Latex Mind Awakener

This addon is part of the Latex Succubus Series. It works with the Latex Bath inductions, where the listener's mind has drained away in the bath, separating and dividing the consciousness so both parts can be trained and directed.

Because your mind was absent, you might find thoughts between the induction and this awakener have fallen away and are inaccessible once you wake. Otherwise this is a fairly standard awakener involving a latex coccoon and the same themes as the other Latex Succubus files.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> Any Latex Succubus Series Body File or files -> This Awakener File


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