Latex Mirror - A Dark Caress

Wear some latex before listening to this file and during the listening session. The more you wear, the more intense the effect.

A dark theme of observation, of someone benevolent and yet powerful implanting her thoughts and influence in your mind through a dark focused mirror of latex.

When you are done with delightful and mind number hands free orgasm trance, the memory of the event is in your mind... but are you sure you actually experienced what you remember, or did the thought get planted there and now is part of you?

Symbiotically self-reinforcing pleasure, latex fetishism, and harsh otherworldly dominance in the fantasy setting of the Mirror Estate. Mind fucking you will feel even if memory fades.

There are gaps in the events of this file, but you will learn of them in future files when you are more able to keep your memories after She is done with you. Long, powerful, rapid fire. Be ready to be winded for a while once you're done.

- File Length: 25 Minutes - 37.2MB

Playlist order:

  1. The Mirror Estate Induction
  2. This file

After The Party from Moonlit Hypnosis

The party is done and you are walking home in your long coat. Pulling it close around yourself you notice a sweet seductive scent in the autumn air. Is this really your jacket? Why are you being drawn to the local park? Why does arousal thrill through your mindless shivering body?

Maybe someone is waiting. Your ears twitch, fur stands on end, and you await the glowing eyes you somehow know will take all your thoughts away as she rides and writhes atop your climaxing form... but that comes later. Right now, breathe deep, hold the collar of the coat to your face, and wander drooling toward a well concealed park bench without looking back.

This is part of the Moonlit Hypnosis project's November "Heat" Drop. Depending on pledge level, backers on Moonlit Hypnosis could potentially receive this file as part of their random drop during the month of November. A drop of 6+ New releases on every full moon at Moonlit Hypnosis, some free, some randomly distributed to backers based on pledge level.

This one is free, so try it out.

- Penis Version
- Pussy Version

Nodding Off

Falling asleep in one place and waking in another. A classic stable of stories of transportation to another world, or of memory loss. Try this induction before any fantasy file, and nod off in your seat to wake somewhere else.

- File Length: 10:26 Minutes - 10MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Dragon Hot Springs from Moonlit Hypnosis

The local dragon population is bathing at some mysterious hot springs. Turns out they have terraformed the entire ridge You arrive just in time to help out with someone’s problem. A cute, muscled green dragon lady is barely able to move with mating heat rampaging in her mind. It would be weird if her sisters helped, so you are drafted to unanimous accord. Twitching orgasmic pleasure and enthusiastic heated participation paired with the story of you getting too "into it" and losing yourself in sensation are included. (Both penis-having and vagina-having listener versions are included) Additional subby dragon girl guest voice by my friend K.

This audio was created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis Project. However, as it IS my voice, I am including it here on this site as well. I'm in-character for this, so there is a slightly different way of speaking involved, and I hope you all like it. This was made for the November "Heat" drop. The Moonlit Hypnosis project is a "subscription box" style pack of erotic hypnosis by myself and a friend, where we each release 3 recordings a month for 6 total, 2 free, 4 held back to be handed out as random drops based on pledge level at Moonlit Hypnosis Patreon.

- File Length: Around 30 minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any induction
  2. This file


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