Backstage Magic

  • Sequel to Stage Magic - the magician invites the listener to her dressing room for a lesson.
  • Builds on themes from the the previous file.
  • Lucid dream themes.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 20:02 - 18MB

Playlist: Any induction, then this file. Or you can place this file right after Stage Magic on your playlist.

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Stage Magic

  • On stage during a stunning magician's performance..
  • She demonstrates a few simple tricks as an introductive.
  • Telekinetic stimulation themes, ending in permission to cum and an open-ended conclusion.
  • Long deepener portion at the start.
  • Backstage sequel coming.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 31:20 - 28.6MB

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Cat On The Farm Series


This is part of the Cat In Trouble series.

These files are about a mischievous figure - with cat ears, tail, and attitude - visiting the Lakeside Farm and meeting some of its cowgirls.

The characters in these files are not taken from the game, but are my own creations. You may be familiar with them from the Cowgirl Wrangling series.

Aurora - The eldest cowgirl on the farm. Blonde, heavily tanned, with nipples fully five inches long and huge areolae, incredibly sensitive. She is laid back and lustful, inclined to a nap and a necking session over work and milking. But she is also the biggest milk producer and most physically adept of them. She might be amenable to a lazy day or an indecent proposition.

Tara - Generous curves and a cute brown pixie cut, massive breasts with short inverted nipples. Pink skin inclined to flush, brown ears the same color as her hair, and a playful attitude in general. She is earnest and easygoing, but honest to a fault. She is embarrassed easily.

Prior to listening to any of these files, make sure you have listened to the Catboy In Trouble Primer at least once.

You can also click here to view a list of links to all of the cat in trouble encounters.


This cute redhead used to work on the farm until an occupational incident cemented her cowgirl transformation. She is hard-working and very strong, but her breasts are small for cowgirls- barely a d-cup so far, and this puts her at the bottom of the cowgirl pecking order. She still produces plenty of milk though, and isn't against bending the rules to have some fun.

Milk By Moonlight - The first file in this series. The listener, in the role of our horny protagonist, finds himself able to infiltrate the Lakeside Farm and observe the beautiful women with cow ears, tails, and massive breasts - in their natural habitat. Hiding in a loft above the bathhouse on the farm, he hopes to go undiscovered as he satiates his lusts. But how long can he hope to go undiscovered, and what will happen when he is found?

Long and very detailed, the farm description from this file will lead into future files in the series which take place here. No induction needed, there is a long descriptive portion at the beginning and you will have listened to the Primer at least once. This file centers on the cute redhead, Marie.

- File Length:49 Minutes


Also known as Nicki - She used to live in the forest, some variety of elf or pixie originally. Pointed ears, raven hair, perfect skin. She took a liking to cowgirl transformatives, and as a result ended up with large milky breasts. She has four small nipples to each areola instead of one big one, and a serious, almost aloof attitude. She is not inclined to clown around and is embarassed by her real name.

Shivers - With winter approaching, Nicki takes the listener into the woods to pick uncorrupted plants that can be grown on the farm before the frost claims them. There is something a little different about her, and the cat has been inattentive to this. That might be a costly mistake - once more he ends up pinned and subjected to the wiles of a confident woman, with verdant assistance.

- File Length: 34 Minutes - 31.6MB

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Dragon Shifter - Enhancement

  • Sequel to Dragon Shifter - Materialization.
  • Builds on themes from the the previous file.
  • Both erotic and self-help elements.
  • Includes description of shifter's "lair" and general visualization suggestions.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 36:50 - 33.7MB

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Dragon Shifter - Materialization

A variant on the succubus theme.

The theme is similar to the other succubus file series - an externalization of subconscious desires acting as a mental assistant and helpmeet. But in this case there is explicit description of a humanoid with draconic features - tail, wings, scales, yellow glowing eyes and the ability to adopt more changeable humanoid forms - as the fantasized partner. This file lays the groundwork and a later file will expand on the same information. This was a custom file request. Self-help, confidence, fantasy support with a lair in the mind as the base camp.

Dragon Shifter - Mind Companion Induction -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 51 Minutes - 47MB

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Lover's Trance - Watching Her

Walk into an office and find yourself tranced by its alluring feminine inhabitant, laid down, frozen, brought to climax along with your lover.

Someone asked for a file about they and their partner, a woman, being tranced out – first the listener, frozen in place by a quick trance, then their girlfriend slowly seduced and aroused in front of them. The resulting feedback loop of pleasure – from watching, from listening, from the entire arousing scenario – culminates in climax for the listener as well as the partner in their vision.

Not an actual couples file, since you listen to it alone while thinking of your partner but this is the kind of thing I might make a pair of couples files out of someday. For now, enjoy it for what it is, a sexy scenario where you visualize your partner enjoying herself while being presented relaxing imagery and an eventual command to climax in unison with the image you are observing.

The sample is particularly long and detailed.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 24 Minutes

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Training to Suck 2

This is an add-on for the free oral-centric file for couples, Training to Suck.

Listen with a lover in mind. This file is gender neutral and body neutral - "your lover" and "your partner" are used, and oral references simply refer to a "length", so whether biological or strapon, any length your lover enjoys the idea of the listener sucking, licking, and stimulating, is appropriate. This file incorporates a detailed fantasy and references to triggers spoken by your lover as well as pleasure when giving oral stimulation or performance.

Place this file right after the original Training to Suck on your playlist, or play it on its own if you want.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Training to Suck) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

File Length: 18 Minutes. This is a reward file available as a reward to backers of the Patreon campaign which keeps the site running.

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Succubus Creation

There are many succubus series such as the Latex Succubus, and Feminine Succubus Seed. However, if these do not suit your needs, this addition to the Succubus Harem series of files is for meditating on your own externalization of certain fetishistic and self-improvement needs. A simple walkthrough for your own succubus, from the ground up. First, imagine the succubus in question- a dreamlike figure, envision name, meditate on her mannerisms, style of dress, interactions with any other succubi you've installed.

Something made from your own mind and thoughts will always be more satisfying, after all, though you may lack the ability to articulate what you should think about as accurately as some of the more descriptive succubus files. Give it a listen, think of it as an opportunity to externalize impulses normally kept solely internal, derive new perspective, and perhaps a new purring feminine voice in your ear.

This file makes reference to concepts from Mental Mansion and from Summoning Circle, so make sure you've tried those.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> Any Deepener -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 30 Minutes

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Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle

This file follows on from Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion file.

Succubi arrive in your mind and get integrated into the harem, their identities branded with the symbol of the summoning circle at the heart of the mental mansion. The place you store those succubi, concepts and ideas linked to common fetishes and desires, cannot be seen while you're awake. But the courtyard of that manor, with its summoning symbol, is different. A place where they will arrive and be integrated, greeted, explore the manor. Also when you want to externalize a succubus, imagine calling her to the courtyard and then open your eyes, feel her flesh on yours, and so on.

This file is compatible with the arousal succubus, latex succubus, and feminine succubus files and is part of a free succubus harem series for those who want to integrate multiple succubi or invent file regimens for their own. This file should also flow well with succubus themed files from other artists.

- 21 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion

There are many Succubus files on this site, the concept being a manifestation of fantasy and fetish which teases and torments in accordance with pre-existing triggers and dispositions. A kind of mental narrative fed by your fantasizing about it. The Arousal Succubus, Latex Succubus, and Feminization Succubus are all different for example, and operate differently. And many people will listen to more than one, and then find it difficult to keep all of the inclinations and ideas straight.

This file lays out a mental space, including rooms for each succubus, and is part of a network of files which will provide a framework for the addition of new fantasies to that mental locale, new succubi being created and "playing with" the listener. For now it is good for anyone who listens to more than one set of Succubus files. Goes well with irresistible as the induction.

- File Length: 16 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file


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