"The Effects Aren't Strong Enough" or "I Only Feel Relaxed"

I hear this one a lot too, and really that's fine.

Most hypnosis purely as a performance, an erotic or relaxing addition to your mind, has its "effect" in the closeness of two people, the communication of ideas from one brain to another, the scene created.

But there are things you can do.

When you relax in the bath, watch movies, watch tv, when you masturbate, when you fantasize, lose yourself in reverie.

Eyes open, eyes closed, doesn't matter. Create a vivid imaginative experience. Spend time after sessions going back over the details you feel you didn't get quite right, and review them in exacting and minor detail. Close up, zoomed in. Every suggestion, the thrill of hearing arousing words which resonate with your fetish. The joy of connection to someone else who shares your inclination.

All of this can be a springboard... for "more", but you have to work it. Hypnosis is a skill on everyone's part, hypnotist AND listener, you have to study too because you don't do this stuff alone. But rest assured it can be done and after all, you get to listen to interesting stories or turns of phrase in the meantime. Win/win.


"But I can't be hypnotized!"

I see this a lot, it is one of the most common questions in the Discord server, I get emails about it.

I'm not going to minimize your experience and say "yes you can", but "yes you can."

Now, unlike in media and fiction hypnosis is USUALLY not possible with no knowledge of it, with no cooperation toward it. You're going on a trip with me, you're letting me give you cues and scenery and all the trappings of a story, a conversation.

So, hypnosis "fails" from your perspective for all the same reasons a conversation might fail.

Lack of communicative skill on either of your parts, hypnotist or subject - nature of the speaker just not meshing with yours, anything that might get in the way.

Or you're distracted or hyper or moving around a lot.

Or you're "Seeking proof" and saying "Well how do I know we're REALLY having a conversation?" which will put a damper on any conversation.

Skill develops with time, but think of it as a conversation, act of storytelling, a movie played out for the mind, an experience where you let go of preconceived notions of what should be happening, and accept what does happen instead. Listen, listen as you would if someone were talking to you normally, and attempt to cooperate and create.

Even if you only ever "get relaxed" instead of getting more than that, relaxing is a difficult and wonderful thing.

When in doubt, start with the premise that you're already able to enter trance and you spend a lot of your time trying to avoid it. This one has the benefit of being true.

This is the only answer I'm capable of giving to this question: you can be hypnotized, if you don't move around and ditch things that would snap you out of trance and might draw attention away from the words, and treat it like a conversation where there might happen to be an aroused or relaxed tingle growing in your head. Normal as can be, until its not, and by then it is quite pleasantly too late to be bothered by your own mind when your body has achieved what you've been looking for.

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