Cum Witch - Teacher and Student

In this file, the Cum Witch - a powerful mage with an artifically created and eternally aroused penis for impregnating other members of her magical cult - has brought you around for a magic lesson. Unfortunately, you've fallen asleep and are awakened after class. She seems more amused than displeased, but her arousing attentions are unexpected. Of course, you vaguely remember some kind of training and conditioning, but... is that real, or just an arousing daydream? Ends with the listener pinned and filled in mind-controlling anal bliss. Includes hose and stocking worship, and some naive student (you) to go with her mischievous tutelage. Continuing work in the Cum Witch series.

- File Length: 41 Minutes - 40.8 MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Coven Induction.

  3. This file

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