Lakeside Farm

A safe place. Strong walls, powerful guards. Beautiful women, a savvy proprietor, delicious food, idyllic pastures. Transformative objects, occasional guests. Work to do.


This is the Whitney's Farm Induction. You can use any induction for farm files but try this one at least once since it sets out the scene and some of the conditions on the farm. In future, conditions may change and other types of inductions may be placed here - for example if the listener follows the path of purifying or corrupting the farm.

- 4:11 - 3.82MB



The canine-morph woman named Whitney runs the farm efficiently. Fresh safe produce and dairy are rare. The ones produced at Lakeside Farm can invigorate, heal, or transform those who eat them. Demand is high. The centaur herd - one male and many women - protects this place. The farm owes its success to a combination of transformative magical peppers and the huge-breasted women whose bodies have been modified by ingestion of certain transformatives to produce drinkable delicious cow's milk.