• Many Lacta-Bovine women, standing taller than normal humans and endowed with massive breasts, live at the Lakeside Farm.
  • The process of becoming a cowgirl makes a woman more aroused and introduces periods of animalistic heat throughout the year.
  • Generally, the corruptive process introduces some manner of hidden compulsive fetish.
  • Cowgirls cannot resist minotaurs in any way, and submit to them immediately unless prevented.

Cowgirl Wrangling

Whitney is away from the farm and you're left minding it. Every now and then the cowgirls on the farm are subjected to the minotaur pheremones wafting down from the mountain. This induces a state of rampant heat in which they will desperately try to get to the mountain by any means necessary. With the help of one of the farm hands, a bag of potions, and some large sex toys, you attempt to restrain the huge-breasted, very horny girls on their route to escape. What lengths will you have to go to to stop them and satiate their lusts, while remaining professional throughout? And what will you do next time this happens?

This is the first of a series of files in which various events happen surrounding the cowgirls in heat. In this version you successfully subdue them. Next time, the "unlucky" listener might have less success. Great for voyeurs and those who like lactation, large breasts, mind control, and heated partners. An hour long, plus the farm deepener, for those who like long trances.

  1. The Lakeside Farm Induction
  2. This File.

Marie's story continues in the Cat On The Farm series. She's doing fine.