Challenge 2 - Hold On Stud

A further playful challenge, a sequel to Challenge: Hold Back this file is for listeners with penises who have enjoyed my various "stud" files.

You are playfully invited to participate in a hypnotic resistance game where you try to avoid masturbating while being presented with alluring imagery for your cock's pleasure and your stud conditioning. Heightening desire, and guiding masturbation throughout, you are given the tools to have a truly massive orgasm... but the game is to hold back.

I will use any trick I can think of to try and help you cum, help you feel good, give in, even though the images of fucking wet needy pussies and feeling begging pleading desire for your hot cum might be enough on its own, I'll also employ some fractionated count inductions, finger snaps, and explicit commands to climax.

You can get a 20 minute sample which might be enough to help you cum all on its own, at the link below.

Full Recording Length: 40 Minutes