Submissive Feminine Form - Extended Nightly Developments

This is an over 30 minute long feminization, corruption, and arousal piece with cowgirl and lactation elements. It includes a loopable (put it on repeat) corruption themed mantra as well.

While you sleep your mind processes many things. Can you really listen to all the winding fantasy-fulfilling verbiage in my work, the proposal of full swaying breasts and curvy hips and a mind submitting to every pleasure it wants to explore - and remain completely unaffected while you rest?

Perhaps, but when you include the mantra referencing Got Milk, Night Night, Brain Drain, Pointed, and The Farm, it might be difficult to hold back.

Visualize the incarnation of your fetish for a gorgeous curvy large-breasted lactating form, floating down to give you dreams of enhancement and increase. If you wake with your breasts a bit larger, your body a bit softer, your mind a bit more submissive, well I can hardly be blamed for that.

This is the extended version with more corruption and milky breast addiction themes incorporated in the narrative.

The normal length version can be found here
This is a very much extended version available as a Reward file.
Length: 32 File+3 min mantra Extended

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  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

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