Pantied Chastity

Panties and chastity, without cheating on your locked chastity device. Click "read more" for the full description!

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This file associates chastity, for device wearers, with a pair of panties. When worn, any pair of panties induces the listener to not sneak their hands inside their chastity device to try and tamper with it. Additionally, the desire to wear panties becomes associated with increasing pleasure the longer the wearer goes without cumming. Reinforcement via this file is also stressed to help train the mind to consider waiting longer and longer to cum, as pleasurable as sliding deeper and deeper into trance. The listener will ideally begin moving toward a chaste, enjoyable existence. This file is gender neutral, and has no induction, so choose your favorite. This file does have a brief awakener. Great for couples where the keyholder wants to make sure the pantied submissive is not "cheating" by circumventing their chastity device.

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