Edging - Five Strokes + Encouragement Loop Pack

Deliberate edging, the practice of masturbating to the brink of climax then slacking off, can be taxing and is often a solo project.

Sometimes you want direct input as you try to edge. This is a minimalistic instruction set and five 'strokes' worth of encouragement to come close to the edge. It also includes a loopable (you can put it on repeat), ten minute encouragement which tries to get you to tip over the edge even as you masturbate up close to it.

This pack includes instructions on how to use its "First Stroke" through "Fifth Stroke" files which are one minute instructions, and a 10 minute non-repeating but loopable encouragement to climax and to edge, going back and forth between the two kinds of encouragement.

A short version of the loopable encouragement is here for you to check it out.

Length: 20 Minutes Total