Fade Into Me

  • A long dominant deepener.
  • This deepener was spoken to an actual subject so you can get a feel for the ad-lib stream of consciousness I use in live sessions.
  • Stresses general submission feels.
  • Follows on from Surrender, and both of these files make a great induction-deepener pair before any submissive files.
  • Talks about the gradual alteration of the mind and habituation to submission, just like Surrender.
  • Ends with a command to wake, made to chain into another deepener and introduce a fractionation effect of rubber banding back into trance.
  • Follow with your favorite deepener/induction, then with another body file after, for a fractionation impact.

- File Length: 15:08 - 23.2MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file
  3. Any other deepener or induction
  4. Any body file