"Mirrors" from Moonlit Hypnosis

A draconic presence conjured with the classic words-repeated-in-a-mirror. A bit more sensual than your typical Bloody Mary prank. Some anal stimulation and dominance themes at the hands of a scaled temptress. Enjoy Andi's ministrations and get to know your storyteller. There is a special "New Moon" induction for this file.

This audio was created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis Project. However, as it IS my voice, I am including it here on this site as well. I'm in-character for this, so there is a slighlty different way of speaking involved, and I hope you all like it. This was made for Halloween. The Moonlit Hypnosis project is a "subscription box" style pack of erotic hypnosis by myself and a friend, where we each release 3 recordings a month, 6 total, 2 free, 4 held back to be randomly handed out to patrons at the Moonlit Hypnosis Patreon.

- File Length: 28:43 - 26MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Moonlit Origin Story

Moonlit Hypnosis is a new project I'm working on. It will be all furry, all story, all erotic hypnotic mind control content. My avatar in that work is an anthropomorphic dragon with succubus heritage, and my friend Aurelia Alder has a fox anthro as her fursona. Both will be telling sexy stories in character. There are inductions and halloween files at the Patreon campaign. Any questions, contact one of us.

Discovering an ancient temple just off the highway, a dragon adventurer brings her foxy magic instructor friend to take a look. A repository of stories, sexy images, fantasies. You really shouldn't just drink strange things you find in ancient ruins. A teaser for future, sexier, installments and a brief introduction to our characters.



What Sings The Steel To Sleep (Multiple Chapter Story In Progress)

A young woman with lustful fantasies works at a firm which programs sex androids. She uses her desires and kinks, as well as healthy research, to set up scenarios and lustful trains of thought - which then benefit the clients custom ordering these luxury "personal assistants". The best in her field, an erotic author in her own right, but with her own kinks unsatisfied. Until now...

Cum Witch Conditioning (Short Story with Audio Book)

The cock-bearing witch at the coven of the sands is magically potent and relentlessly sexual. Placing oneself under her tutelage can have some interesting implications. Download includes both the story pdf and a variant audiobook made to be used right after your favorite induction.
14 page story.
37 minute audio at 34 MB.

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