Cum Witch Conditioning (Short Story with Audio Book)

The cock-bearing witch at the coven of the sands is magically potent and relentlessly sexual. Placing oneself under her tutelage can have some interesting implications. Download includes both the story pdf and a variant audiobook made to be used right after your favorite induction.
14 page story.
37 minute audio at 34 MB.

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Recission 2 - Repurposed

Since your length has already slipped back inside of you, making normal orgasm difficult... why not orgasm when you give oral pleasure to others? Repurpose the nerves from your re-absorbed length, add them to your tongue, and enjoy submissive oral service you give to others, as if it were the best masturbation in the world. But this one doesn't break that wonderful chaste haze you have going on. Themes of being more submissive to me personally are also included, and themes of how right for you it is to lead a chaste existence.

Training to give oral as an outlet for chaste desires, this is the right route... it's not like you can use your recessed length now anyway. Body transformation themes also reinforced.

- File Length: 21:46 - 20.3MB

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November - Musings Before Bedtime

A pre-sleep piece spoken to a friend when she was having trouble sleeping. Thoughts on sleep, thoughts on connection, and a unique "feedback loop" deepener. This goes out exclusively to those who back during October or who sign up in November.

At the end of November this musing goes away into the vault, and another takes its place. Different musing each month for those supporting. Sign up at 5 or above if you want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
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Podcast 9 - Happy Halloween

A Halloween podcast. Talking about upcoming projects, what scares me, and what is on the other side of windows.


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