"The Wind" Induction

Somewhat personal induction piece I used in a recent live session. As it was ad libbed in the moment its flow is different than some others. Confusion, visualization, metaphor, some erotic-ish bits. Good short sweet induction for when you need one.

- File Length: 5:30 - 5MB
Playlist order:
  1. This file, as the induction.
  2. Any body file


This is a looping mantra to listen to while you are doing your chores. It draws on the triggers from Brain Drain, and the same hypnotic discussion as in Mentally Muzzled. The act of automatically moving through your chores is pleasurable and keeps you on edge while you do them, losing time, forgetting, and otherwise making it more of a hypnotic practice exercise than an onerous endeavor. Simply loop this file on its own, and the triggers and conditioning from the other mentioned files will do the rest. Plays with the idea of looped puppet-play and blankness while leaving room to get work done and train trance at the same time.

Playlist order:
  1. This file, looped on its own.

Playful Pussy

The start of a series of pet play files with distinctive kitty play themes. Ears, tail plug, a trigger your owner or owners can use to remind you of the primal heat inside of you. This heat and arousal takes you from a typical aloof cat to a mewling begging entity only able to meow, purr, beg with your body, and yearn for more. Only obedience or sex reduces the heat. Includes theme of being unable to stimulate oneself/chastity/needing owner's permission to slake the thirst and defray the heat.

If you like pet play series, check out the Puppy files on the site already, for an idea of what kind of topics will be reviewed in this.

- File Length: 21:09 - 20.9MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

"The Effects Aren't Strong Enough" or "I Only Feel Relaxed"

I hear this one a lot too, and really that's fine.

Most hypnosis purely as a performance, an erotic or relaxing addition to your mind, has its "effect" in the closeness of two people, the communication of ideas from one brain to another, the scene created.

But there are things you can do.

When you relax in the bath, watch movies, watch tv, when you masturbate, when you fantasize, lose yourself in reverie.

Eyes open, eyes closed, doesn't matter. Create a vivid imaginative experience. Spend time after sessions going back over the details you feel you didn't get quite right, and review them in exacting and minor detail. Close up, zoomed in. Every suggestion, the thrill of hearing arousing words which resonate with your fetish. The joy of connection to someone else who shares your inclination.

All of this can be a springboard... for "more", but you have to work it. Hypnosis is a skill on everyone's part, hypnotist AND listener, you have to study too because you don't do this stuff alone. But rest assured it can be done and after all, you get to listen to interesting stories or turns of phrase in the meantime. Win/win.


"But I can't be hypnotized!"

I see this a lot, it is one of the most common questions in the Discord server, I get emails about it.

I'm not going to minimize your experience and say "yes you can", but "yes you can."

Now, unlike in media and fiction hypnosis is USUALLY not possible with no knowledge of it, with no cooperation toward it. You're going on a trip with me, you're letting me give you cues and scenery and all the trappings of a story, a conversation.

So, hypnosis "fails" from your perspective for all the same reasons a conversation might fail.

Lack of communicative skill on either of your parts, hypnotist or subject - nature of the speaker just not meshing with yours, anything that might get in the way.

Or you're distracted or hyper or moving around a lot.

Or you're "Seeking proof" and saying "Well how do I know we're REALLY having a conversation?" which will put a damper on any conversation.

Skill develops with time, but think of it as a conversation, act of storytelling, a movie played out for the mind, an experience where you let go of preconceived notions of what should be happening, and accept what does happen instead. Listen, listen as you would if someone were talking to you normally, and attempt to cooperate and create.

Even if you only ever "get relaxed" instead of getting more than that, relaxing is a difficult and wonderful thing.

When in doubt, start with the premise that you're already able to enter trance and you spend a lot of your time trying to avoid it. This one has the benefit of being true.

This is the only answer I'm capable of giving to this question: you can be hypnotized, if you don't move around and ditch things that would snap you out of trance and might draw attention away from the words, and treat it like a conversation where there might happen to be an aroused or relaxed tingle growing in your head. Normal as can be, until its not, and by then it is quite pleasantly too late to be bothered by your own mind when your body has achieved what you've been looking for.


Lamia Jewelry Room 2a -The Pink Rings

Remember the pink rings from the jewelry room? The ones that made you simple and cock-hungry? Well they're back.

Invited to the harem, you walk over the dunes and find yourself at the snake city once more. The lamia matron gestures you inside, slips the pink rings on your fingers, and uses a combination of gentle commands and the thick cock of one of the other helpful lamias to milk pleasure out of you. Your ass is filled and you begin to feel slightly more dominant over the poor lamia behind you, riding her, making her feel it. Your mind drips out and you are brought to climax through your own masturbation and instructions to get off. Encouragement, gentle guidance, bimbofication but the file isn't genital-specific. Hints at the personalities of some of the other harem occupants and the way the mind-altering jewelry works.

Rest on a bed of silks and ride a half snake girl's cock while you suck another's and get captivated in this harem setting. Hookah smoke related suggestions are featured, along with suggestions to be used in future "pink ring" themed files. This audio follows on from Touring the Jewelry Room, and so you'll want to have listened to that first to keep up with the story. Well, if you like disjointed impressionistic bimbofication you could just jump right to this one. Even those who aren't into the feminine parts of same might enjoy this "Simplification" approach, so give it a try and be coiled up in the lamia matron's smoky control.

- File Length: 31:21 - 30MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?) but try the Desert induction.
  2. This file

Helia - Recognition and Victory

This file continues from Helia's appearance in the Tel'Adre Spa, where she was only a guest. Here you encounter her on her home turf, but she remembers you. This path assumes you have met Helia before, in at least one other file. She sees your request to not attack you as a sign of surrender. Taking control of the situation, the Salamander evokes your mutual pleasure using her long tail - working it in and out of your ass rapidly until climax is assured. Her muscled body, tender affection for anyone she takes to bed, and raw brute strength combine to make a fuck you won't soon forget as your ass is filled and trained by her powerful thrusts using the faux-cock of her prehensile tail pushed between her legs. Of course, the horny heated Salamander-girl can't resist getting wet and hot and getting off alongside you.

- 17:38 Duration, 18MB
Playlist Order:

  1. Any Induction but consider the Plains Induction
  2. This File

Bonds Under The Moon

The listener is taken in by a massive werewolf woman and her lactating breasts, as she weaves a siren song about them under the moon. What seems somewhat sinister at first is actually pleasant, companionable, relaxing, restorative. Allow her sexual wiles to control and encourage your own, even as comfort and gentle friction against her body makes you ever more vulnerable to climax.

This audio was created as part of the Moonlit Hypnosis Project, a furry storytelling and fantasy project.

- File Length: 30:55 - 29MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Poll Winners Decided, Upcoming Release Announcements

The winners of the poll are Devotion and Brain Drain, so those series will be finished up this month and the finished products will be released over the coming 30 days.

Brain Drain is your classic relaxation and obedience trigger. Devotion is my personal approach to control and dominance expressed across many intimate files. I'm happy to finish them up. Next time I run a poll like this I will have the same choices, just omit the one that won - so if your choice didn't win, there will be another chance.

Today's project is improvement of the on-site catalog, and the writing of a secret coding project I think people will be happy with.

Upcoming releases, by the way:

Tomorrow: Helia's Recognition, wherein a beautiful salamander girl remembers you from her Spa file and decides that she won't necessarily fight you... if you submit. Her huge prehensile tail makes a perfect fit for your empty rear entrance.

The 20th: Playful Pussy Training 1, a pet play file like puppy urges and butt bunny, submissive and wanton offering of one's body for the trappings of kitty-based pet play.

The 24th - A podcast release.

The 27th - Fractionated Awakener and Afterglow Awakener, some special pieces for those who want a bit of aftercare as they rise.

The 31st - Devotion and Brain Drain content, to finalize the series. A new story.

Today I will be adding the Moonlit Hypnosis files to this site in full, planning out what to do next on my Youtube channel, and improving the catalog.

Thank you all for your support! Can't wait to hit the next goal on the Patreon campaign and begin working on text based games with audio supplements.


I've returned. Poll Ongoing.

Vacation is over. I'm running a poll which will determine two of my upcoming recording foci. You can find it on the Patreon at the following link.

Poll on Patreon, for patrons to select my next focus.

I'm working my way through the Lamia Harem series, but also more Devotion and a number of pussy worship and cock worship files for those who want to submit more effectively to their partners. Plus more goo girl fantasy, and this time they will be hungrier than the last.

That is all for now, though stay tuned for announcements of future... projects.


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