Get a pair of thigh high stockings and place them nearby. This file is gender neutral, I know a lot of my listeners like stockings regardless of gender. This file ties intense arousal to those stockings so that whenever you wear them your body will be in a state of sensitive needy ache. Furthermore, any climax or arousal experienced while wearing the stockings will fuel your arousal and increase it in future, making them a more and more powerful conditioning trigger for more and more sexy arousal. Pick a pair you like!

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Just A Little More - Latex 1

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize controlling, corruption, influential latex on every inch of your body.

Get into any latex gear you have, combine this with the "You Sure?" induction, and settle in for an introductory journey.

Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the second instalment - and the third, the fourth, the fifth as they appear.

Be careful how much you let into your mind. After about the second one, I won't be holding back.

But relax, the most you'll find here is some soothing latex drone style thoughts.

Make sure to check out the other 'Just A Little More' series files.

Cockcentric Induction

An induction for listeners who enjoy 'stud' content. Your penis becomes the core focus of relaxation and deepness. You think of the uses, the pleasurable joy of your cock, the instructive new ways you will learn to think of it while exploring stud content and masturbatory material. Short, sweet, and likely to cause considerable arousal. As this is an induction, place it at the beginning of any playlist with a cock-centric composition and body.

- File Length: 7 Minutes

Just a Little More - Stud Time 1

Center your thoughts increasingly around the firm arousal between your legs and the process of filling and fucking any willing pussy that presents itself to your ministrations. Bring pleasure, bring lust and rut and blank constant thrusting mindlessness. The further into this series you get, the more overwhelming the result.

The Just a Little More series features layering corruption and addiction themes. The later in the series it is, the more intense and graphic the description and commands within. Try level 1, then consider level 2, and so on, as they reveal themselves. But know where to stop.

This file works best with the "You Sure?" Induction.

- File Length: 10 Minutes

You Sure?

This is the induction made specifically for the Just A Little More series of incremental single-fetish fixation and focus files. Try out the induction, then decide if you really want to risk the further attachments, one at a time.

Listen with just the "1" installment of a Just A Little More series, and if you like what you hear, perhaps move on to "2". Then "3", "4" and "5". I'd really recommend stopping around "2", but it is your mind.

- File Length: 5 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This Induction
  2. Any Body file but particularly the first one from any "Just A Little More" series
  3. (Optional: the 2nd to 5th installment of a "Just A Little More" file set, in order of increasing intensity)

Getting Into Character - Pet Bot Pack

I think we've always wanted a pet robot standing in one corner of our room, waiting to serve our interests, experiencing profound pleasure and fulfillment just from carrying out orders. This is a pack of files for anybody who really likes Maintenance and other computer-themed files I have done like the Latex Drone series.

Any command will bring immense pleasure to a pet bot, a drone, a serving automatic machine.

Get into character and enjoy files with this theme more.

- Check out the 5 min assignment portion here. The rest is available as a reward file.
Length: 10 Minutes Base audio + 10 minutes command trigger file + 5 Minute Assignment
Once you are into character, you can do the simple assignment. The full pack has 3 trigger commands included for you to try out the pleasure conditioning.

Getting Into Character - Cowgirl

Truly getting into cowgirl character includes a breast-focused sensuality and the habit to see milking your breasts as the highest sexual pleasure. Mooing, a love of milkers, and seeking pleasure from milking throughout the day are all discussed along with docility as your thoughts are converted into milk to fill your bouncing breasts.

Once you are into character, an included daily assignment related to breast care might help underpin the reminders.

- Check out the 5 min assignment portion here.
Length: 20 Minutes + 5 Minute Assignment

A Couple or Three Induction

A number confusion, rapport, and fractionation induction asking you to regard "a couple" as something different than you might normally. Creates a connection of shared meaning between us.

Use as an induction before any body file, to build some confusion into your day and to slide deep.

- File Length: ~8 Minutes

A Warning About Words

This pack contains an induction, deepener, and awakener. Everything you need to add a spooky cautionary nature to a file.

Do you dive into things even more when you have been warned away from them? Do you like corruption, overwhelm, and fractionation?

Make a playlist. You can use the induction, the deepener, the awakener as components of a hypnotic playlist, any or all of them as you please.

Rapidfire, improvisational, and all tied together. Any of them can be looped on its own for various effects!

There will be a specific series of corruption and intrusive pleasure-thought mp3s made to be used with this induction. For now, try it out with an old favorite and see how a little menace can make it all the more pleasurable.

More corruption and creepy stuff to come over the course of October.

- File Length: 30 Minutes, 10 each!

Playlist order:

  1. Optional: The A Warning About Words - Induction
  2. Optional: The A Warning About Words - Deepener
  3. Any body file or files in a row, particularly those in the "Just A Little More" series
  4. Optional: The A Warning About Words - Awkakener

Succubus Course - For Cock

Deciding to relax one day, you order the full package from Karen's Succubus Menu at the Tel'Adre spa.

The menu simply stated that Karen, in her Succubus form, would provide to any penis-having patron a hand job, boob job, blowjob, and finally "penetration of my organ, resulting in climactic release". The process is completely safe. Karen is not a real succubus, but is such a master of transformation that this is functionally irrelevant. She can even do things a normal succubus cannot.

This file comes after the Tel'Adre Induction and involves the listener, bound and worked over to climax. For those with cocks only. Make sure you've listened to the Spa Intro at least once in the past, so you know what's up and have a good mental picture of the locale. Check out the sample, which is very detailed.

- 43 Minutes

Note: Karen is an original creation and was not in the game, don't go looking. In fact the whole Spa in Tel'Adre is my writing.


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