Common Concepts Pack

This pack contains an induction, a deepener, and a body file. The body file implants 6 triggers which are used frequently throughout my work and will be used in future work too. Also the induction uses 3 of them and the deepener uses 3 of them.

1) "Now, Follow me Down" - this is how I begin many body files and is a simple enough instruction. I described how it marks out the beginning and reminds you I am going down with you.

2) "Deeper and Deeper" - I described how this trigger reminds you that there are many ways to deepen even if other things would distract you, that everyone has their own way of going under, and there are always roads to depth in all situations.

3) "Away from the weary world" - a reminder that hypnosis time is time you have set apart to enjoy and relax with something you enjoy, so responsibilities and even memory of surroundings or body can fade. Good for transformation files, good for succubus files, good for fantasy files :D

4) "Leave it by the wayside" - something I often say about memories or body templates, a reminder that if you don't need a particular thought, you can set it aside and pick it up later. Forgetting in trance isn't really forgetting, simply laying aside, and the lighter your mind the deeper you can tread on the path toward the shared mental space we have constructed.

5) "Heavy with honey"/"your mind is coated in sweet syrup" imagery. One of my favorites, your cooperative mind turns my suggestions into sweet syrup, and this honey prevents your thoughts from escaping your mind, simply letting them rest there- so if they try to influence your body, or the outside world, they might fall right back down, lazily, comfortably, into sweetness. Meanwhile my own words, which drop in from the outside, get trapped in the honey and dragged down toward your brain where they were headed anyway - but in a sweet, relaxing, sluggish way.

6) "Listen and Relax" - Short and sweet, another of my common deepening phrases to help remind you to check your body condition - are you as comfy as you can be? Completely relaxed? Good.

Basically this is a good file for newbies or beginners to lead off with and it ties in well with other training files like Skillset Deepener or Night Night.

Any Induction such as the one in this pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in this pack) -> The Body File -> Any Awakener

- 50 Minutes Total (10 for induction and deepener, 30 for body)

Persuasive Amnesia Induction

This 10 minute long induction uses some simple number references while describing the mind as a toolbox into which various useful ways of thinking can go. We accept this idea with mnemonics, focus exercises, and any number of self-help techniques - so why not accept it for pleasure? Aren't there some thoughts you wish you could put out of your mind and retrieve later, so you could be surprised? Don't you sometimes want to forget the outside world and indulge in the words pouring into your mind? Persuasive metaphors, good visualization aid.

- File Length: 25 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file, especially those with triggers or suggestions

Latex Bath Advanced

This is a more advanced version of the existing Latex Succubus files. This file begins with the Combination Induction then follows it with details of a sexy latex covering, coating the listener, syncing them up with a helpful mental presence that desires their arousal and their pleasure above all else. This is the induction to use with any of the Latex Succubus files. This file simply ends with the night night trigger, however, so you can use it with any file - if you like latex and full encasement.

The details assume you have already tried the lightside and darkside latex succubus files and know the story and themes of those pieces. This file leads into Lightside Succubus Advanced and Darkside Succubus Advanced. You can use this file with the Latex Succubus Deepener or any other deepener after it.

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Body file, especially from the Latex Succubus series

Combination Induction

The metaphor of a combination lock - where the innermost tumbler turns the others as it locks into place, and by knowledge rather than by design, you can unlock it. Same idea, my voice, resonating in your mind, turning the tumblers until eventually you hear a click. Almost seven minutes long.

- File Length: 6.5 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Body file

Sucking Induction

This simple, nine minute long induction encourages the listener to place a nearby object in their mouth and begin to suck, at the midway point. This sucking is used as an explanation for increasing depth and mindlessness as thoughts are sucked out in return. Gags, sex toys, one's fingers, a lover's breast, anything you'd like so long as it doesn't mind being in your mouth and blankly suckled for the duration of your playlist. Could look very sexy to an onlooker and possibly have other benefits, I leave it up to you. This is an induction, so this is where the trance begins, great for anything cock or breast suckling centric, of course.

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file you intend to listen to while orally fixated

Fractionation Induction

A 17 minute long induction which uses different methods than my usual ones. Fractionation, the process of half-waking from trance then falling deeper after, is used throughout. Simple acceleration-confusion countdown with signals to close eyes on even numbers, open on odd.

- File Length: 17 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Relaxing Sands

A thorough and relaxing induction, used in the Obey Women file originally. It is a remake of an older induction..This is a long induction incorporating an extensive deepener.

15 minute long induction, asking a series of relaxation and imagination tests in the course of listening, the listener is guided gently down.

- 15 Minutes
Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Runtime Induction

While your conscious mind is occupied keeping you deep and relaxed - executing best relaxation practices - your subconscious mind is tuned in and waiting to converse, receive ideas, and incorporate them into your normal behaviour.

This is a simple fractionation and relaxation piece. It hinges on the separation in the mind between conscious and subconscious reception of ideas, leading from progressive relaxation to part of your mind (the conscious part) being made responsible for maintaining depth. This allows the subconscious which is not usually exposed like that, to be accessed and presented with ideas.


Some files are about changing how your mind links one concept to another - reimagining the body, linking triggers, conditioning behavior. This works well with those.
An induction tied to the idea of leaving parts of your conscious mind by the wayside as you progress toward linking relevant ideas more firmly to triggers or training - uses the Night Night file as an example. Good for transformation, trigger, and conditioning themes.

- File Length: 9:59 - 9MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file


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