Foot Fetish Induction

  • Induction works well with foot-themed files.
  • Subject is invited to relax, foot fetish elements are evoked.
  • This file was originally a custom request.
  • Try it with Underfoot Re-Done.

- File Length: 10:28 - 9.54MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Long Resistance Induction

  • This is an unusual resistance-style induction with submissive elements.
  • Uses the classic hypnotic induction for "resistant" trancers.
  • This is a very long induction, so use it when you want to relax a lot before the body file.
  • The straining body can only clench for so long before it must relax.

- File Length: 15:08 - 13.8MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Newbie Pack

  • A simple collection of both erotic and non-erotic files for new listeners.
  • Includes a welcome to the site with some basic information.
  • These files are available free elsewhere on the site, and simply collected here for people.
  • Contains The Simplest Induction, Combination Induction, Open Mind, Massage, and Hot Wiring

- File Length: 43 minutes of total content

Playlist order:

  1. Explained in the readme file in this zip pack.

The Simplest Induction

  • A very short induction, useful for beginners building familiarity with the material.
  • Goes at the start of any playlist.
  • Trust in the voice and the material will help a listener to go under any time they set aside the time.
  • Listening to files while in the same relaxing surroundings each time, will build familiarity when possible.
  • Lingering effects? Awareness of how easy it is to relax and just listen to the scenario presented..

- File Length: 4:14 - 4MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file as an induction
  2. Any body file according to its playlist order

Dreaming Induction

  • For those who like to listen to files right before bed.
  • A reminder that thoughts carried across the boundary into dream can effect one there..
  • Goes great with dream-themed files.
  • Induction - so follow it up with the body file of your choice
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 10:59 - 10MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: This induction, then any body file as per its instructions.

Transformation Induction

This is a conversational transformation induction for those who like bodily changes described in their transformation files, but prefer mental changes to be subtle or emergent. Beginning with the theme of your mind protected and apart, the file goes on to describe how changes to the hardware - the body - would nevertheless influence the insulated mind as it floats through a void of relaxation. Use this as an induction, or place it as a deepener between an induction and a body file. Enjoy.

This file can begin a playlist, as an induction, or follow an induction as a deepener.

- File Length: 9:38 - 8.82MB

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Dragon Shifter - Mind Companion Induction

This is the induction for Dragon Shifter files. It also contains some concepts useful for succubus/mind companion themed files in general. It does however contain specific mention of the Dragon Shifter appearance and "lair" concept. A combination induction and deepener, it is quite long and detailed..
This Induction -> Any Dragon Shifter Body File -> Any Awakener

File Length: 22 Minutes - 21MB

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Images Series

This is a long combination induction and deepener for a new series of files. Images are powerful and we all have them in our heads, informing imagination and fantasy. Whether from internal fantasy or sexy pictures you've seen, these images have some pull, some internal tug. By expanding relaxing imagery, one might relax more. By expanding arousing imagery - that is describing it in exacting detail so it takes on weight and substance for the listening - we might arouse. By describing transformative imagery - a new viewpoint, a new way of thinking, a persuasive argument for change - we might effect that change.

This is a transformation-themed series and you should place this induction before any of the "Images" body files on your playlist.

- File Length: 15 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Images Series body file.

Simple Implied Amnesia Induction

This induction is just the first 8 minutes of the Mirror Estate Induction. Essentially it implies amnesia without directly ordering or requesting it, and notes that the content which follows this file may be difficult to remember. Combine it with fantasy files to achieve a description of dreamlike fading prior to the file, and then to enjoy after. Description and metaphor are employed, along with some of the imagery from the Common Concepts pack.
This Induction -> Any body file ->Any Awakener, or none at all if you want to drift

- 14 Minutes

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Mirror Estate Induction

This will be the induction for each of the files in a somewhat dreamlike exploratory fantasy series set in a world where sensual peril is around every corner. This induction was born out of several very old ideas I've since removed from the site for poor sound and writing quality, and improved here. This is a decent implied amnesia induction in its own right, so try it with other things and see if you like it.

The listener finds themselves facing a pool of amber-hued relaxation, and wondering what is on the other side, despite the possible arousing amnesia-laden consequences and training afterward.

The mirror estate is vast, things are dreamlike and you may not remember how you travelled within it - only that you enjoyed it.

- File Length: 14 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file, particularly Mirror Estate Series files


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