Connections Induction

  • Encouraging rapport-building induction.
  • Incorporates finger snaps and confusion/relaxation deepeners.
  • Different style of induction from my usual, more playful.
  • Anchoring and drawing on memories of past trances.
  • Focus, accessibility, and malleability of memory is stressed throughout.

- File Length: 10:38 - 9.69MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Long Progressive Induction

  • Simple induction. Long progress into deepness, counting.
  • If you like the hazy dazed effect of a long pre-file period, try this induction.
  • Amnesia, eye closing, and counting suggestions.
  • Try with transformation or detailed fantasy files like Corruption of Champions content.
  • Really very long, like twenty minutes, a long slow luxurious process.

- File Length: 20:30 - 18.6MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Beginner's Hypnosis Primer

  • Simple, non-erotic file, a good example of a complete file.
  • Includes induction, body, and awakener.
  • While you will normally make your own playlists, this file shows what the complete setup would sound like.
  • Generally theme of relaxing better when listening.

- File Length: 37:04 - 33.8MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file on its own

Night Night Redone

  • This is my most commonly used trigger.
  • A simple instruction to go back into a deep state of relaxation when the trigger phrase is spoken.
  • When a trusted party uses the trigger in a safe place, including one murmuring it to themselves, a reminder of trance occurs.
  • Used in many of my files.
  • Lingering effects? A useful shortcut for trance without long induction. Also just sometimes it is fun to drift.

- File Length: 25:23 - 23MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file on its own. Includes induction, trigger, and awakener.

Beginner's Induction

  • Simple and straightforward, addresses common misconceptions.
  • Gives examples of various deepening and relaxation techniques.
  • Non-erotic. Finger snaps and implication but not command to sleep..

- File Length: 8:13 - 7.5MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Foot Fetish Induction

  • Induction works well with foot-themed files.
  • Subject is invited to relax, foot fetish elements are evoked.
  • This file was originally a custom request.
  • Try it with Underfoot Re-Done.

- File Length: 10:28 - 9.54MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Long Resistance Induction

  • This is an unusual resistance-style induction with submissive elements.
  • Uses the classic hypnotic induction for "resistant" trancers.
  • This is a very long induction, so use it when you want to relax a lot before the body file.
  • The straining body can only clench for so long before it must relax.

- File Length: 15:08 - 13.8MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file

Newbie Pack

  • A simple collection of both erotic and non-erotic files for new listeners.
  • Includes a welcome to the site with some basic information.
  • These files are available free elsewhere on the site, and simply collected here for people.
  • Contains The Simplest Induction, Combination Induction, Open Mind, Massage, and Hot Wiring

- File Length: 43 minutes of total content

Playlist order:

  1. Explained in the readme file in this zip pack.

The Simplest Induction

  • A very short induction, useful for beginners building familiarity with the material.
  • Goes at the start of any playlist.
  • Trust in the voice and the material will help a listener to go under any time they set aside the time.
  • Listening to files while in the same relaxing surroundings each time, will build familiarity when possible.
  • Lingering effects? Awareness of how easy it is to relax and just listen to the scenario presented..

- File Length: 4:14 - 4MB

Playlist order:

  1. This file as an induction
  2. Any body file according to its playlist order

Dreaming Induction

  • For those who like to listen to files right before bed.
  • A reminder that thoughts carried across the boundary into dream can effect one there..
  • Goes great with dream-themed files.
  • Induction - so follow it up with the body file of your choice
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 10:59 - 10MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: This induction, then any body file as per its instructions.


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