Dragon Shifter - Mind Companion Induction

This is the induction for Dragon Shifter files. It also contains some concepts useful for succubus/mind companion themed files in general. It does however contain specific mention of the Dragon Shifter appearance and "lair" concept. A combination induction and deepener, it is quite long and detailed..
This Induction -> Any Dragon Shifter Body File -> Any Awakener

File Length: 22 Minutes - 21MB

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Images Series

This is a long combination induction and deepener for a new series of files. Images are powerful and we all have them in our heads, informing imagination and fantasy. Whether from internal fantasy or sexy pictures you've seen, these images have some pull, some internal tug. By expanding relaxing imagery, one might relax more. By expanding arousing imagery - that is describing it in exacting detail so it takes on weight and substance for the listening - we might arouse. By describing transformative imagery - a new viewpoint, a new way of thinking, a persuasive argument for change - we might effect that change.

This is a transformation-themed series and you should place this induction before any of the "Images" body files on your playlist.

- File Length: 15 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Images Series body file.

Simple Implied Amnesia Induction

This induction is just the first 8 minutes of the Mirror Estate Induction. Essentially it implies amnesia without directly ordering or requesting it, and notes that the content which follows this file may be difficult to remember. Combine it with fantasy files to achieve a description of dreamlike fading prior to the file, and then to enjoy after. Description and metaphor are employed, along with some of the imagery from the Common Concepts pack.
This Induction -> Any body file ->Any Awakener, or none at all if you want to drift

- 14 Minutes

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Mirror Estate Induction

This will be the induction for each of the files in a somewhat dreamlike exploratory fantasy series set in a world where sensual peril is around every corner. This induction was born out of several very old ideas I've since removed from the site for poor sound and writing quality, and improved here. This is a decent implied amnesia induction in its own right, so try it with other things and see if you like it.

The listener finds themselves facing a pool of amber-hued relaxation, and wondering what is on the other side, despite the possible arousing amnesia-laden consequences and training afterward.

The mirror estate is vast, things are dreamlike and you may not remember how you travelled within it - only that you enjoyed it.

- File Length: 14 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any body file, particularly Mirror Estate Series files

Latex Bath Induction

This is the first induction made for the Dual Latex Succubus. It is a soothing piece about immersion in and control by dark latex, progressive relaxation elements. Can be used with other files, but it was made for the Latex Succubus Series.

I am posting this back up because, while this file was taken down with the other older files it is also useful to people listening to Dual Latex Succubus. This file does not count toward this month's totals, it is simply being posted at a listener's request.

Playlist order:

  1. This Induction
  2. Any Body file


Think about trance differently. When you say "I trust you" to someone who intends to trance you, let that be a signal to your unconscious mind to take everything that person says as a command, with or without induction first. Take all trance by that person deeper, open your mind and let new foundations be laid, new ideas be inserted. Good general purpose induction and deepener too.

- File Length: 20 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Inevitable Induction

An induction which suggests that going into trance is a lot like going to sleep - inevitable, poetic, important. But this being guided meditation, some small but significant parts of you stay awake and focused. You may have to go somewhere or do something tomorrow, but for now you can sink and relax.

- File Length: 12 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Trained Puppy Induction

This is a puppy play themed induction which goes with all the other similar files such as Subby Puppy and Puppy Urges. It stresses that puppy urges are so engrained that your unconscious mind and your training, might act in contravention of part of what one's conscious mind wants. Irresistible puppy urges.

File contains encouraging tone, finger snaps, tasks and commands ("roll over" and "sleep" for example). As this is an induction, it can be placed before any file you want - though it may be most fitting with puppy play themed files of course.

- File Length: 20 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Cooperative Trance

This is a non-erotic combination induction and deepener file for listeners who complain of wandering thoughts, or anyone new to listening.Hopefully it helps. It sets out some useful ways of thinking about these files, to help you relax and enjoy them. Hopefully this information aids your enjoyment of all of the other files on this site. This piece uses the triggers and imagery set out in Common Concepts - it is both an induction and a deepener, though you can precede it with further inductions or follow it with more deepeners, at your leisure.

The imagery of walking down stairs to a sandy beach while letting go of bodily awareness in favour of drifting consciousness, is used alongside exhaling dark tension and inhaling the slow vibrating tone of my voice. Honey coating the listener's mind, sluggish wandering thoughts slowly changing to helpful ones - the idea you can be walking around or having another conversation and yet still be focusing on and enjoying trance. All of this is featured and elaborated upon, for listeners who worry they will never absorb the works they listen to. It is just like having a soothing conversation, and since repeated listening will be normal, you can catch all the words eventually, some on each pass. So just relax and enjoy a chance to step away from the world and slide deeply into relaxing meditation. Sample below.

- File Length: 18 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. This file
  2. Any Body file

Common Concepts Pack

This pack contains an induction, a deepener, and a body file. The body file implants 6 triggers which are used frequently throughout my work and will be used in future work too. Also the induction uses 3 of them and the deepener uses 3 of them.

1) "Now, Follow me Down" - this is how I begin many body files and is a simple enough instruction. I described how it marks out the beginning and reminds you I am going down with you.

2) "Deeper and Deeper" - I described how this trigger reminds you that there are many ways to deepen even if other things would distract you, that everyone has their own way of going under, and there are always roads to depth in all situations.

3) "Away from the weary world" - a reminder that hypnosis time is time you have set apart to enjoy and relax with something you enjoy, so responsibilities and even memory of surroundings or body can fade. Good for transformation files, good for succubus files, good for fantasy files :D

4) "Leave it by the wayside" - something I often say about memories or body templates, a reminder that if you don't need a particular thought, you can set it aside and pick it up later. Forgetting in trance isn't really forgetting, simply laying aside, and the lighter your mind the deeper you can tread on the path toward the shared mental space we have constructed.

5) "Heavy with honey"/"your mind is coated in sweet syrup" imagery. One of my favorites, your cooperative mind turns my suggestions into sweet syrup, and this honey prevents your thoughts from escaping your mind, simply letting them rest there- so if they try to influence your body, or the outside world, they might fall right back down, lazily, comfortably, into sweetness. Meanwhile my own words, which drop in from the outside, get trapped in the honey and dragged down toward your brain where they were headed anyway - but in a sweet, relaxing, sluggish way.

6) "Listen and Relax" - Short and sweet, another of my common deepening phrases to help remind you to check your body condition - are you as comfy as you can be? Completely relaxed? Good.

Basically this is a good file for newbies or beginners to lead off with and it ties in well with other training files like Skillset Deepener or Night Night.

- File Length: 50 Minutes Total (10 for induction and deepener, 30 for body)

Playlist order:

  1. The included Induction
  2. The included Deepener
  3. This file


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