Elven Wrapping

I made this last year, I'm making it free as of this Christmas so people can enjoy. A sequel will also be coming out soon - not in time for new years, but certainly during the chill of winter, to help warm you up.

A winter fantasy, wrapped tight in the covers and subjected to a visitor with an agenda. Unwrap her? No, this is about wrapping you.

Tuck yourself in bed on a cold night, with the blankets right around you, then listen to this.

This is a body file, use it with your favorite induction. It is otherwise loopable and ends with a phrase that leads well into the start of this file so you can put it on repeat post-induction or put multiple copies in a row on a playlist.

Someone joins you in bed for a Christmas surprise. Special bonus for those who have a choker to wear afterward. File is made with those with vaginas and breasts in mind. A file for those with penises will be coming out after the holidays (Elven Unwrapping). About 20 minutes long, very tantalizing, you'll probably wanna get off afterward, maybe with a partner~ Hope people like it. A bonus little bit of conditioning is included for those who own festive chokers and similar neckwear, by the way.

Happy holidays!

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

- 19 Minutes

Shiny Spandex Meditation

A shiny spandex worship training file. Yet another person commissioned a file on this theme. This file was made at the same time as, and works well with, Shiny Spandex Obedience. The listener is trained to worship and obey those wearing shiny spandex leggings, includes an intellectual meditation on why so many people have this fetish, and some arousal and teasing at the end culminating in climax and torment. Enjoy. This file is 13 minutes long, loopable, and lacks induction or awakener.
Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File (Or loop it and put nothing after it) - Any Awakener

Leather Obedience Pack

Two files themed around different clothing fetishes. One file fixates on simple sandals on women as the crux of a desire to obey and serve. The other file is about leather pants. Both files emphasize feminine curves alongside the obsession, also some content about soft leather clothes generally/eye masks, in the sandal file. A simple 15 second mantra incorporating finger snaps has been stretched into a 10 minute loop for listeners who want something to listen to when doing repetitive tasks, or other things. The pack includes the two files Sandal Obedience and Leather Pants Obedience separately. This version of Leather Pants Obedience is much improved from the old poor quality one which has been removed.

The two files together focus on general obedience to women based on specific clothing fetishes. Enjoy!

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> Either of these files -> Any Awakener

The mantra is meant to be listened to on its own, as background noise to remind you of the main files, it is very simple and you can get it for free by clicking the sample button below.

- File Length: 40 Minutes + Mantra

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Spa Day - Two More Rooms

This is an add-on for Spa Day. The hallway in Spa Day has five rooms. The first three are non-sexual relaxation and de-stress mechanisms. The last 2 are sexual and arousing.

This file walks the listener through the events that pick up right at the end of the first Spa Day, and culminates in a compulsion to pleasure themselves until climax and perhaps beyond.

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> The original Spa Day ->This File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 15 Minutes

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