After The Party from Moonlit Hypnosis

The party is done and you are walking home in your long coat. Pulling it close around yourself you notice a sweet seductive scent in the autumn air. Is this really your jacket? Why are you being drawn to the local park? Why does arousal thrill through your mindless shivering body?

Maybe someone is waiting. Your ears twitch, fur stands on end, and you await the glowing eyes you somehow know will take all your thoughts away as she rides and writhes atop your climaxing form... but that comes later. Right now, breathe deep, hold the collar of the coat to your face, and wander drooling toward a well concealed park bench without looking back.

This is part of the Moonlit Hypnosis project's November "Heat" Drop. Depending on pledge level, backers on Moonlit Hypnosis could potentially receive this file as part of their random drop during the month of November. A drop of 6+ New releases on every full moon at Moonlit Hypnosis, some free, some randomly distributed to backers based on pledge level.

This one is free, so try it out.

- Penis Version
- Pussy Version