Status Report - 2000 Goal Met

Many files written. Recording has begun. I am already above the monthly goal. Thank you everyone who bought files. Custom Files are open, so get them while you can. I'll close them when they fill up to my satisfaction.

New free file just released for anyone following the latex succubus/arousal succubus/succubus harem series. It is free. Next few files will also be free succubus harem files. When the series is done I will move on to some puppy play, then induction/amnesia themed material.

Succubus Harem - Support Structure

This file follows on from Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion and Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle files.

For those who enjoy listening to multiple Succubus files like the Latex Succubus and Arousal Succubus, there is the Succubus Harem series. Also good for those who ordered custom succubus themed files. Simple enough concept - internal visualization of a fetishistic feminine entity there to support and tease the listener. This one is about self-help things like motivation to adopt good habits, proper posture, and overall supportive encouraging reminders like backrubs and helping one get to sleep. Titillating concepts mixed in, but mostly non-erotic.

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Custom Files Open in Five Days

So if you think you're going to want one, contact me about it if you have not already done so. We need to work out details if you're going to have a commission.

Status Report, Custom files open on 15th.

It is the first of the month, and that means site rollover! Commissions will be opening on the 15th. I won't be opening story commissions since I'm still writing some work of my own, but I think I will do that in May. Summer begins, good time for steamy erotica.

You'll see some new files pouring out in the next few days, but between illness and life issues, I didn't get as much done as I wanted in March. Don't worry, I'm keeping track of my intended vs. actual totals and I'll make them up when I am more productive. Including the extra free file next month due to the 2500 stretch goal being met.

2000, 2500, and 3000 stretch goals met!

This means my goal is met and there will be more files next month.

My goal was 17 files this month and I still aim to meet that - I've been working on new stuff behind the scenes and have a ton written. But meeting the 2500 goal means there will be one extra free file next month, making for a total of 16 intended (of which 9 will be free).

Meeting the 3000 goal means there will be a draw next month as well, for people to enter and win their choice of a 20 minute custom file or all premium files to date.

If I hit the 3500 goal by noon on the 1st of April, then Succubus Course - Leather will become free permanently.

Status Report

I lost my voice for a while there. It happens. I'm doing alright now, so I will be making new files for the site and posting them. Good thing I didn't do customs this month. I hope everyone else suffering with cold and flu is taking it easy on themselves and that the flu season is over with. Files to come include Succubus Harem material, Subby Puppy files, and catgirl transformation pieces. I am also writing some erotic stories finally.

Draw Now Closed

The winner has been determined and notified. Thank you everyone who entered! A new draw will open next month if the goal is met. Look for new files to be coming in the next few days, I have plenty prepared I have just been writing more than recording, due to my sore throat.

Mid-March Status

The draw ends in 3 days so get your entry in. Details in This Post.

Overflowing Re-Done is posted, this is an update of an older file. Still hands free orgasm, now more trigger talk and it is set up for couples or to reinforce HFO files by others. Hope you like it. Check out the original to get the idea.

Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle is posted, and you'll see lots more succubus harem content coming out for those who want to write their own succubi or listen to all 3 of the original succubi in a coherent and connected way.

Subby Puppy files coming soon, along with the other Harem files.

Lastly, the bad news. I have decided NOT to open custom files on the 15th of March. I want to get all the contest files done and then do a bunch of re-done CoC inductions and deepeners. This is more worthwhile than opening commissions. Sorry to keep delaying, but sometimes that is just how it goes, I'll open them in April unless I have a reason not to. Custom File page has been updated to reflect this.

Overflowing Re-Done

This is an updated improved quality version of Overflowing. Rather than picking a specific time to order you to have an orgasm, this file deepens and gives a long titillating talk about euphoria and building climax. This file emphasizes that when a dominant party orders you to cum, you cum. This works with other hands-free files for this purpose, no matter who made them, and is nice for couples as well. Unlike the original, this has no awakener so you can use one of your choice or even chain it with other files to go into them already turned on when making your playlists.

The original file, which this is an improved version of, is free and can be found here so try it out in order to see whether you might want to pick up an improved version with more of a cum-on-command element.

- File Length: 54 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file

Succubus Harem - Summoning Circle

This file follows on from Succubus Harem - Mental Mansion file.

Succubi arrive in your mind and get integrated into the harem, their identities branded with the symbol of the summoning circle at the heart of the mental mansion. The place you store those succubi, concepts and ideas linked to common fetishes and desires, cannot be seen while you're awake. But the courtyard of that manor, with its summoning symbol, is different. A place where they will arrive and be integrated, greeted, explore the manor. Also when you want to externalize a succubus, imagine calling her to the courtyard and then open your eyes, feel her flesh on yours, and so on.

This file is compatible with the arousal succubus, latex succubus, and feminine succubus files and is part of a free succubus harem series for those who want to integrate multiple succubi or invent file regimens for their own. This file should also flow well with succubus themed files from other artists.

- 21 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction
  2. This file


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