Feminine Succubus Seed 2 - Growth

This is part of a series of feminization files. The theme is that the listener is implanted with a succubus who feeds on stereotypically masculine energy, conditioning the subject toward femininity as a way of securing its "food" source. Original body parts/mindset aren't much mentioned, though there is a suggestion of the succubus popping up in other feminization files or in situations outside the file itself. Mild continued feminization conditioning, and suggestions of feminine form/clothing are included. Enjoy!

This second file incorporates the idea that by watching porn featuring women, you may feed the succubus more effectively, but also adopt the mannerisms of arousal and orgasm from the women you watch enjoying themselves. Glossing your lips with your own sexual fluids or those of lovers, then licking them clean, is stressed as a little ritual involved in the process. This file can be chained right after other Feminine Succubus Seed files.

These files will form the baseline for a series of modular pick-your-own feminization pieces.

These files can be placed in a row in your playlist and will flow together. The files themselves do not reference the starting body of the listener, so while they center around a horny vagina and pointed nipples, the files can be listened to by anyone interested in the stereotypically feminine presentation described in them.

- File Length: 25 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file