Tavros Station Induction

  • Sci-fi theme. This is an induction set, with permission, in the Trials in Tainted Space universe.
  • This is one of the location inductions for certain files like Close Encounters and the Xenogen Gene Morph transformation files
  • Non-erotic, relaxing, descriptive.
  • Tavros Station is a place on the edge of the galactic frontier where many unusual shops have set up.
  • Strange technology abounds. Be teleported to an alien world, or transformed in a commercial gene lab.
  • This induction is the first link in the chain, follow it with any of the encounter files set on Tavros Station.

- File Length: 3:30 - 3MB

Playlist order:

  1. This induction
  2. Any other files set on Tavros Station, in the order shown on their page.