Obey Women

The classic file Obey Women, redone with improved quality - no music, no echoes. this includes a version with the Relaxing Sands induction already tacked on, and a body version. The 8 minute mantra is part of the file itself, but is also included separately for looping and listening during your day. This file is all about obeying any woman who wants to trance you, it is unequivocal in language about obeying all women at all times when they wish to dominate or command you. Good for people who listen to trance files voiced by women or have women to trance for in their lives.

Simple enough idea: no echoes, no music, a mantra that is loopable. The suggestion of obeying women is absolute and incorporated throughout. First, deepening and relaxation, then a suggestion of returning to re-listen and also a mantra of obedience and submission to women explained to one's relaxed mind. Enjoy.

- File Length: 45 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


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