Poll Winners Decided, Upcoming Release Announcements

The winners of the poll are Devotion and Brain Drain, so those series will be finished up this month and the finished products will be released over the coming 30 days.

Brain Drain is your classic relaxation and obedience trigger. Devotion is my personal approach to control and dominance expressed across many intimate files. I'm happy to finish them up. Next time I run a poll like this I will have the same choices, just omit the one that won - so if your choice didn't win, there will be another chance.

Today's project is improvement of the on-site catalog, and the writing of a secret coding project I think people will be happy with.

Upcoming releases, by the way:

Tomorrow: Helia's Recognition, wherein a beautiful salamander girl remembers you from her Spa file and decides that she won't necessarily fight you... if you submit. Her huge prehensile tail makes a perfect fit for your empty rear entrance.

The 20th: Playful Pussy Training 1, a pet play file like puppy urges and butt bunny, submissive and wanton offering of one's body for the trappings of kitty-based pet play.

The 24th - A podcast release.

The 27th - Fractionated Awakener and Afterglow Awakener, some special pieces for those who want a bit of aftercare as they rise.

The 31st - Devotion and Brain Drain content, to finalize the series. A new story.

Today I will be adding the Moonlit Hypnosis files to this site in full, planning out what to do next on my Youtube channel, and improving the catalog.

Thank you all for your support! Can't wait to hit the next goal on the Patreon campaign and begin working on text based games with audio supplements.