The Orgasm Myth

Have you ever had a real orgasm? Probably not. There is an infectious idea that the mere stumbling pulsing pleasure is an orgasm. Casting doubt on what you really remember, might it not be more fun if you had trouble remembering the last time you came? Might it not constantly haunt you if when you came, you could feel the experience but then it had a dreamlike hard-to-recall quality after, as if the sheer magnitude of the experience were too large for a mere memory to contain.

Originally someone's custom request when they wanted to recapture the intensity of their first orgasm, I went somewhat beyond the confines of the request to add extra themes.

Made with edging and chastity in mind, may also include some number amnesia. The idea is if you use one of those number-locked chastity key codes, you might forget it. So make sure you write it down somewhere safe (which you already do, of course). Made to go with the Persuasive Amnesia Induction.

- File Length: 19 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but try the persuasive amnesia induction

  3. This file