December 2017 Status Report

Well the first week of December has come and gone. Most site clerical work stuff is done, and I released Experimental Methods 2. Next is going to be some meditative and relaxing stuff - when my voice comes back.

Had a bad flu, not only coughing fits but fever, body aches, some nausea, the whole thing. Doing better now.

I've been writing plenty, even when sick, so I'm well ahead on script creation. As soon as I can record, you'll see new stuff.

But today's announcement has to do with older content. I plan to make a lot of audio from 2 years ago and earlier, free. Some of them I will repackage with new sequels, others I am going to organize into lesson plan packs that you can pick up at some reward level or another on Patreon. I'm going to be taking anything I think should be basic listening and making it free for everyone.

You will find a more structured basic tutorial for newcomers rolling out this month.

New stories and books are in the works, but they're behind organization and new releases, in terms of priorities.

As always, email me anytime at if you want to talk or have some feedback or a file idea.

Hope you are all staying warm and sleepy out there. Good season for long naps. Going to take one now, and send out some

Expect to see the following this month:

Ice Pattern Induction
The Weight (good for naps)
The Quilt (good for naps)
Restoration (self care file with some sexy add ons)
Centaur Transformation + threesome with hot lizard girls
Challenge: Hold On - Stud
Spider Girl - Clothes Shopping
Succubus Whispers
Just A Little More Latex 3-5

There will also be some things packaged up, made free, and I'm trying to work on some games and books in the background too.