Catboy In Trouble

  • Take on a troublemaking cat-morph persona.
  • Jump into the role of an agile, streetwise knave traveling with his own pleasure in mind.
  • Insinuate yourself into various environments, have the fun you can - but be careful.
  • This cat tends to bite off more than he can chew, with pleasurable results.


- 19 Minutes - 17.7MB

The first file in the series. Try this at least once, to get your bearings and an introduction to the Catmorph form.
This is not required for playlists involving the files below. Those are all self-contained stories.

Catboy at Lakeside Farm

The denizens of Lakeside Farm are fairly set in their routine. They do well and the farm is a safe place.
Just the right place to take naps, run off with some food, and maybe have some fun with the attractive inhabitants.