• The most enhanced and powerful cow-morph on the farm.
  • Massive breasts, a beautiful and curvaceous form, a perfect tan.
  • Long blonde hair all the way down her back.
  • Lazy, terrible work ethic. Incredibly strong.
  • Her milk is a powerful aphrodisiac and she becomes very aroused when milked.
  • Long nipples - fully five inches long when pointy from arousal.
  • Easygoing, teasing but kind, loves to pet cute things - like the cat morph listener.

Slacking Off

  • The farm's chore rotation put Aurora and the cat morph on the same duty - clean the bunk rooms.
  • Neither of them has any intention of doing any work.
  • She proposes an alternative bit of fun.
  • Her breasts are milky and she has plans for the cat morph's body.
  • Lazy, comforting, peaceful, surprisingly sweet.

- File Length: 35:08 - 32MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

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