• The newest of the cowgirls on the farm.
  • Red hair, strong muscles. She used to be a farm hand.
  • Now she produces quite a lot of milk for her size.
  • When she has had more cowgirl transformatives, she'll be even bustier and stronger.
  • She has a lot to prove, and is the easiest cowgirl to manipulate.

Milk by Moonlight

  • Marie is the first one out of the bath.
  • She catches the newly arrived cat boy peeping on the baths.
  • She is self conscious about the cat paying more attention to the others.
  • Marie pounces and torments the listener to climax, the moon shining in to the loft from above.
  • Conditioned by her milk, brought to a weak and horny place, then carried through to shivering release.

- File Length: 43:32 - 45MB

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Your enjoyment of these files will be enhanced by listening to the cat morph introduction at least once.