Tel'Adre - Spa

  • Spa where both relaxing and sensual treatments are administered.
  • Variety of regular as well as guest practitioners come to offer their services.
  • Private and safe.
  • Some practitioners who visit the Spa also have scenes located elsewhere.

Spa Tour

  • A simple not-too-erotic tour of the Spa facilities. This area is my own unique work.
  • Many of the characters in this area are Tel'Adre inhabitants from the game.
  • The facilities replace Una's physiotherapy and massage clinic from the game.
  • The detail in this file might help with visualization for others.

- File Length: 16:59 - 15.5MB
Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Tel'Adre Induction.

  3. This file